Alisha Sharma

Alisha Sharma | Full Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Education

Alisha Sharma is a Nepali dancer, model, and actress. She started a glamorous journey as a model and got popularity as a dancer. The movie Chimusichi is a debut movie of Alisha.... Read more »

Suman Koirala | Full Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Education

Suman Koirala is one of the popular and talented comedians in Nepal. Koirala got fame in the comedy field after participation in Comedy Champion. He is one of the finalists of Comedy... Read more »
Himesh Panta

Himesh panta | Full Biography, Age, Height, Relationship, Education

Himesh Panta is the most talented and content-based comedian. Panta is famous for the winner of Comedy Champion Season 1 (2020). A logical comedian(Himesh) is very popular among Nepalese youngsters. He won... Read more »

Coronavirus, Fear and Human Body – What to do and What not to do?

The novel coronavirus is spreading all around the world since several months. The novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 was originated from Wuhan, China in late December. Now, Covid-19 has spread in more... Read more »
futsal in kathmandu

List of Futsal Grounds in Kathmandu Valley

Futsal is one of the trending indoor sports options for youngsters in urban areas. It is becoming more and more popular each day. Everyone loves to play futsal as it is beneficial... Read more »
Himesh Panta Comedy Champion

Himesh Panta Wins the First “Comedy Champion” Title

Himesh Panta wins the first-ever comedy champion show “The Comedy Champion”.  The legendary icons of Nepali comedy, both Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansa Acharya handed over the cash prize and key... Read more »
tibetan food in kathmandu

5 Tibetan Delicious Food to Try in Kathmandu

Food is an integral and essential part of human life since our existence. No human life can be imagined without food. In the modern era, food is eaten not just to live... Read more »
coronavirus rumors

Coronavirus Was Predicted 40 Years Ago – FALSE!

One rumor is going viral in social media like Facebook and Twitter since last week that the coronavirus was predicted 40 years ago in the book “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean... Read more »
nepali podcast to listen

Must Listen Nepali Podcasts For Entrepreneurs & Students

How many of you have a habit of listening to podcasts? If not the then you better do it. It is because of listening podcasts saves your time while learning the lots... Read more »
foodmandu hack

Hacker Attacks Foodmandu’s Database, 50K Customer Data Stolen

Nepal’s no 1 online food delivery service provider company Foodmandu survived cyberattack last night (Saturday, 7th March). Hackers unauthorisedly accessed personal details of around 50,000 customers, including their names, addresses, emails, and... Read more »

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