10 Nepali Documentary to watch in lockdown

Physically, we might be trapped inside our homes but our mind has that potential to explore around the world. There are several vlogs and documentary that takes you far away. The documentary... Read more »

10 Productive things to do in Lockdown .

Feeling bored and unproductive at home? Most people probably have been thinking about when would this lockdown end. Most think lockdown is an unproductive time of our life. But little do we... Read more »

Oasis Thapa | Biography, Age , Birthday, Songs

Oasis Thapa is a popular indie singer/songwriter who is best known for his songs like Juni vari lai, Aparichit Bhawana, Sunna, and Jani Najani. Oasis is a self-taught singer and songwriter who... Read more »

A lawyers first case and it’s against her father

Mamata Shrestha is a newbie lawyer and her first case is filed against her own father. She shares her story to file the first case of her career against her own father... Read more »

8 Facts about Dharahara that you need to know.

Dharahara is a popular tourist destination located in Sundhara, Kathmandu. The nine-storey tower provides a beautiful panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley. This historically significant monument is recognized as UNESCO as a... Read more »
Top 10 Nepalese Handicrafts Products to Buy

Top 10 Nepalese Handicrafts Products to Buy

Nepal is a country of various cultures, diversities, religions, and languages. There are different mountains, rivers, and natural beauty places that have been a significant factor in making Nepal a popular tourist... Read more »

Biska Jatra of Thimi : Sindur Jatra and Bode Jatra

Biska Jatra is an annual festival celebrated in Bhaktapur, Bode, Thimi, Dhapasi, and Tokha. Biska Jatra of Thimi is commonly known as Sindur Jatra and Bode Jatra. SINDUR JATRA OF THIMI Sindur... Read more »
ecommerce platform

Top 7 Ecommerce Platform Used in Nepal for Developing eCommerce

Ecommerce is growing rapidly everywhere. When starting an online business, choosing an eCommerce platform that helps you scale your business long-term is hard. Your eCommerce software has a major effect on the... Read more »

Bisket Jatra : The festival after death of serpent.

Bisket Jatra is the main festival of Newars in Bhaktapur. This nine-day-long festival is celebrated at the end of Chaitra, thus marking the end of the year and starting of the year... Read more »

10 Places for a Dry Picnic in Kathmandu Valley

Dry Picnic is a perfect getaway from the urban hustle and to spend some quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones. While there are many picnic spots in Kathmandu valley,... Read more »

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