Bijay Shahi scam

Bijay Shahi Scam. Is he really a memory king?

Bijay Shahi’s scam went viral, and a big question has aroused among his believers, is Bijay Shahi really a memory king? Well, better than late now, the truth is among every Nepalese.... Read more »
10 Bestselling novels of 21st century

10 Bestselling novels of the 21st Century

Looking for the bestselling novels of the 21st century? If you are the person who likes to explore the world among pages of descent books, then we have come up with the... Read more »
Saigrace Pokharel Biography

Saigrace Pokharel Biography

If you love to hear storytelling, then you may have heard about Saigrace Pokharel. He is an immerging talent and getting fame for his amazing storytelling skills. He can convey anything and... Read more »
Steps to a sustainable Lifestyle

Simple and Affordable Steps to a More Sustainable Lifestyle

 In today’s competitive and materialistic world, people have forgotten about a sustainable lifestyle. We all are running with the world to achieve our goals. But have you thought the goals of your... Read more »

How to add games to SNES CLASSIC

There is a lot more potential in SNES than you might think. gaming center The super NEC Classic is a lovely piece of nostalgia for a very good price. At just $80... Read more »
Crappy off brands of Nepal

Interesting facts about crappy off brands of Nepal

Have you ever encountered crappy off-brands accidentally? Or never bother noticing in detail? Here I will tell you some interesting facts about crappy off brands of Nepal. So, let’s dive into it.... Read more »
Health benefits of Chia seeds

Top 5 health benefits of Chia seeds

Are you planning to include Chia seeds in your diet? Then let’s have a look at the health benefits of Chia seeds. I am sure you will end up adding these unique... Read more »
7 best ways to make money Freelancing

7 best ways to make money as a Freelancer

If you have just stepped into the freelancing world, then you must be wondering how to make money freelancing? Now, beginners do not worry; we have come up with all the answers... Read more »
Top 10 Reasons you should start listening to Podcasts

Top 10 Reasons you should start listening to Podcasts

Before jumping into why you should begin to listen to podcasts, let’s know first what actually podcast is. Many of us are familiar with the term podcast. In simple words, the podcast... Read more »
Bug bounty program in Nepal

Bug bounty program | Bug hunting as a Career for Nepali Youths

Wondering what a bug bounty program is? You may have heard the term somewhere. Nowadays, it has become the trend of finding bugs in the different digital platforms and getting an enormous... Read more »

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