Best apps to unlock the full potential of your Macbook

Best apps to unlock the full potential of your Macbook

Apple’s third laptop computer flagship series MacBook was introduced in 2006. the PowerBook and iBook were the previous laptop series before the introduction of the MacBook into the laptop family. The Retina Display and higher resolutions were the selling point of Apple’s MacBook which was featured in 2015 as well as the Force Touch trackpad that senses different levels of pressure exerted. As of the end of 2016, all MacBooks recorded usage of only solid-state drives (SSDs).

Best apps to unlock the full potential of your Macbook


Having a Mac might seem like a disguised blessing but unlocking the full potential of it might be a whole lot of task for a geek. The Mac is decorated with awesome features, some of which are subtler than others.

Below are 10 apps for MacBook that can brace up your macOS experience to another level.

  1. CleanShot X

If taking screenshots, making corrections on the user interface, and or troubleshooting explanations is a routine for you, then CleanShot X is an app for you. It is unarguably the best screenshot tool on the Mac. It’s a simple but so powerful and user-friendly app. It can make GIFs, record videos, add annotations, blur out sensitive segments, and even more. I use it multiple times on my Mac every day, and it’s 100% worth every penny.

  1. VeePN

Your Mac isn’t totally immune to online attacks Just like any other computer. it can undisputedly be attacked by unscrupulous hackers to compromise your data privacy and security. If you want to give your Mac an additional level of protection and security, it is highly recommended that you use a virtual private network (VPN) — like VeePN. With a reliable VPN for MacBook Pro, you will be able to connect just with a click, surf the web freely at maximum speed, and enjoy military-level data protection. Download the app now, and surf the internet from your Mac securely.

  1. AirBuddy

AirBuddy was developed by an App developer Guilherme Rambo, it is an app that’s designed to bring iOS-like devices integration to the Mac. You can connect iPhones, iPads, and other Macs running AirBuddy to your main Mac to monitor battery life, and in addition to making it easy to swap devices with headphones. it’s also designed to make it simpler and easier to transfer a Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Keyboard between Macs with a click. One of the benefits of the app is how easy it is to pair AirPods and Powerbeats Pro to your iOS device.

  1. CleanMyMacX

For macOS maintenance, CleanMyMacX performs an awesome job ranging from reclaiming hard drive space from accumulated useless caches and other system junk files, uninstalling unused apps, checking for system malware, and full system optimization tools.

  1. Magnet

Magnet is a great app that makes it easy to resize system windows and applications, either with customizable keyboard shortcuts or by dragging windows to the edge or corners of the system display. It supports snapping apps to halves, full screen, quarters, and thirds. In addition, if you connect several displays to your Mac at a go, Magnet is the best option to work with.

  1. Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is the perfect image editor app for all of your image editing tasks. If the subscription cost of editing apps is what you want to avoid, then I’ll highly recommend this Pixelmator Pro. it has enhanced image editing features like effects, layers, filters, brushes, and much more. You can use various selection tools to adjust specific photo regions accurately.

  1. 1Password

1Password is a great tool to help manage all your passwords and keep them safe and secure for your future reference. It can also serve as a digital vault to keep your internet data safe and secure aside from the use of a VPN.

  1. Unclutter

Just as its name rings, unclutter is the basic software that suits its nametag. This Mac app can be accessed with a swipe from the top of your screen and better functions as a convenient place for storing recent files, quick notes, and clipboard information.

  1. Bear

Bear promises one of the most seamless writing experiences around, and it’s perfect for Mac users who write on their multiple Apple devices, including their iPhone and iPad. It’s a markdown editor, which offers a lot of versatile and suave writing experience.

  1. Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is an app that helps to automate major system operations. If you’re looking for a method to simplify or eliminate menial tasks in your day-to-day workload, then Keyboard Maestro should be on your radar. In essence, you can automate several tasks, from waking your Mac at a certain time to automatically opening and running windows in a particular order when you launch an app.


At a point, your MacBook is likely to operate slowly after a lot of use but you don’t need to get a replacement. There are several ways to speed up your slow MacBook without spending a dime which include closing applications when not in use, deleting apps not needed, clearing cache files, deleting junk files, optimize disk space usage among others.