7 Mantras for moving from past betrayal

Mantras for moving from past betrayal

Nothing is more devastating than being cheated by the person you have trusted the most. It is very hard to get over the betrayal. However, nothing is impossible; you can get over it by following simple mantras for moving from past betrayal.

Feeling cheated is more painful than mutual breakups, as one person who got cheated suffers the most. There is always a mixed feeling of anger, sadness, betrayal, and confusion when you think of them. So, getting over them can be challenging.

But, life doesn’t stop there. Very few realize this in time and get over betrayal, while the majority spends their precious time adjusting to the change. So, here are the 7 mantras for moving from past betrayal.

7 mantras for moving from past betrayal

Mantras have proven very effective and magical to reset new perceptions and thoughts. So, frequent speaking loud or writing lines to move on from past betrayal can be very effective.

1. Every morning brings something good with it.

Betrayal is the most painful thing, and getting over it can take years. The sooner you get rid of your grief and become able to forgive past betrayal, the faster you can overcome pain.

There is an important saying time can heal anything. However, grief and forgiveness can happen in stages. And, the way of feeling can be different from day-to-day towards the same person. So, you have to be positive and hope that a better normal day will come in your life.

2. You are worthy of love- Mantras for moving from past betrayal.

It is very hard to trust new people after being cheated. You should not forget that breaking up can’t define your personality. Rather it will reveal the true face of the people not worthy of trust and love.

Losing love is nothing to do with you not moving and looking forward in life. Always remember you are still the same person and worthy of love.

3. Remember that betrayal is an issue of trust.

Once you figure out the person you have given all your interest and love to, then it’s hard for you to trust them as before. No matter what condition took you to betrayal, trust lies beneath all dramas and pain. You have to understand that the person you have trusted was not worth your faith and trust.

It is hard to take you were the only one giving efforts in your sinking relationship. However, it’s better to be clear that you cannot trust that person ever again.

4. Being sad is ok – Mantras for moving past betrayal.

You have to remember breakups are painful, especially after knowing you are the one being betrayed. The sadness can be understandable. It is the way of healing.

You can ease your pain by sharing what you are feeling with family and friends. Although healing takes time, it does not mean stopping living happily.

5. Do not forget- You have people who care for you.

You might feel shattered and isolated. But, you should not forget your family and friends who care for you. It will also affect them seeing you sad.

Further, hanging out with friends will help you take out from the slump. Similarly, they can make you realize you have plenty of people who care for you, thus bringing a positive mindset. So, knowing the worth of family is one of the biggest mantras for moving from past betrayal.

6. Show Self- care and love

Betrayal is the sign your partner is not valuing your worth. And it might be hard to expect positivity from life. It’s the best time to love and respect you. You can take lesion from betrayal; it’s you whom you should love and respect. How will you get from others if you cannot do so? This is one of the best mantras for moving from past betrayal.

7. You are not responsible for this.

When you know you are being cheated, you could think where you went wrong. However, it is not your fault to take the blame. You cannot pull the string if someone is not faithful and wholly into you.

These are the seven mantras for moving from past betrayal!

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