What is SEO Copywriting? How to write a perfect SEO copy in 2022

what is seo copywriting

If you’re into digital marketing or some sort of similar business, you might have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO Copywriting.

Today in this post, we’ll be diving deeper into one of the significant components of SEO, SEO Copywriting.

First, let’s get started by knowing what SEO Copywriting is.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a creative process of producing text content that involves SEO best practices and persuasive language that persuades readers to take a particular action, such as making a purchase.

Let me give you an example: SEO Copywriting involves a more sales/lead-driven approach where the writer tries to sell certain things through the content. At the same time, the writer also ensures that it is not written in a way that tries to force a sale. 

In short, SEO Copywriting is a balanced writing approach that persuades users to take specific actions and is optimized to rank better in search engines. SEO copywriting has many benefits, and it’s a long-term play. It will pay off eventually, as long as you keep providing value to your target audience. The goal is not just to rank high on Google; it is also about getting your content read by your target audience. You can achieve that with the help of a good SEO copywriting strategy. Here’s how; keep reading! We’ve covered some of the essential SEO copywriting strategies.


How to write an SEO friendly copy?

There are certain things a writer should consider to write a good SEO friendly copy. We have listed a few of them below. 

Understand your topic

It would be best first to comprehend the subject or object your copy is about. To develop persuasive content, you need a solid understanding of the subject or product.

You must enumerate the subject’s critical elements or the product’s essential characteristics. You can highlight what makes your topic or product distinctive if you have a solid grasp of its important characteristics. 

Contents Quality

Many SEO signals will come and go, but the content quality will always be at the top as a significant ranking factor. A good SEO copy should always be readers oriented. It would help if you remembered that users come for the quality of your content, not quantity. Always remember what you are giving to your target audience while writing a copy. Good content brings the leads and converts them into your customer.

Organized Writing approach

A good SEO copy should be well organized. It should follow a universally accepted grammatical pattern. It should have ordered headings, clear fonts, and sizes. Plus, it would help if you also considered adding graphics and photos to your copy, making the content more appealing to the readers. Simply put, the content should be appealing and easy to read & comprehend.

Create a Table of Contents

Generally, SEO copies are smaller in length than blogs; however, the style has been changing recently. Many bloggers have been shifting their blogging styles to copywriting techniques. They tend to inform their users while trying to fulfill a specific purpose. 

So, when content becomes longer, it is always best to organize it by inserting a table of contents. This helps the readers to consume the content from the specific heading without being bored, which in turn reduces the bounce rate and works as a positive catalyst to boost your SEO.

Have an entrepreneurial mindset

While writing your SEO copy, try to solve a particular problem your readers have faced. Don’t be a businessman who tries to force sales. Be an entrepreneur, have an entrepreneurial approach, and try to think differently.

Have a good storytelling

 Who doesn’t love stories? They attach and bind us to some notion when we read them. Stories give a purpose to content. So, try a storytelling approach while writing an SEO copy to enhance audience retention.

Do not forget Keywords.

While thinking about your readers’ experience, you should not forget search engines. Remember that search engines love keyword-optimized content. So, do your keyword research for the particular copy and integrate them naturally within your content.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, SEO copywriting is an art, and you should be an artist by following the above key points. You should never forget that a good SEO copy is an equilibrium of content loved by search engines and your readers. Write in a way that you think your readers would want to read, try to solve a problem, and practice organized writing.