The Real Meaning Behind Couple Saying We Are Pregnant.

Recently, Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Desraj Joshi publicly announced that they are pregnant and are expecting a baby. Priyanka Karki shared a photo on her Instagram with the caption that says ‘... Read more »
semantic web

What is Semantic Web? Definition, Problems & Benefits

What is Semantic Web? Semantic Web is first coined by Tim Berners-Lee. It is the extension of the World Wide Web (WWW) set by the World Wide Web Consortium. The main aim of... Read more »

It’s Exam Time ! 10 Effective Ways to Focus on Your Studies

Coronavirus really hit hard on our studies. With almost 1 year gap in our educational career, It’s hard to get back on track of studying especially when there are so many distractions... Read more »
Bit Coin

What is Bit Coin? Its Definition, Application, Features & Challenge

What Is BitCoin? BitCoin (₿) is a digital cryptocurrency created back in 2008. It is the first decentralized currency that you can send through the internet. Bitcoin is considered to be safe... Read more »

Jobs That Will Cease to Exist in 20 Years

Technologies are evolving fast and the world is changing with it. New tech developments are achieved with the goal of making our lives more comfortable, and that includes taking care of menial... Read more »

Coronavirus, Fear and Human Body – What to do and What not to do?

The novel coronavirus is spreading all around the world since several months. The novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 was originated from Wuhan, China in late December. Now, Covid-19 has spread in more... Read more »
coronavirus rumors

Coronavirus Was Predicted 40 Years Ago – FALSE!

One rumor is going viral on social media like Facebook and Twitter since last week that the coronavirus was predicted 40 years ago in the book “The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean... Read more »
why nepal is poor country

Is Nepal is a Poor Country?

Nepal is not the poorest country in the world. There are 20 countries poorer than us in terms of GDP per capita income. Having said that, we are by no means rich.... Read more »
Programmer Skill (1)

10 Essential Skills Every Programmers Must Know

Hello! Are you on the way to becoming a programmer in the future? Or do you want to become a good programmer? Or if you want to work in the IT Companies... Read more »

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