7 fun things to do to celebrate Valentine's Day for singles 2022Mustang

7 fun things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day for singles 2022

Being alone on Valentine’s Day might not be easy for singles. Despite feeling sad, here are 7 fun things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day for singles 2022. Each year the month... Read more »
The blind date season 2 Nepal soon streaming on Television

The blind date season 2 Nepal soon streaming on Television: How to participate in the show?

The most popular reality show ‘The Blind Date Nepal season 2’ will soon be on screen. And, this time, there are chances you might be able to see the show on mainstream... Read more »
New variant omicron Threats and Symptoms Is vaccine effective

New variant omicron- Threats and Symptoms: Is the vaccine effective?

It has been more than two years of the appearance of the deadly coronavirus. With long research and discoveries, scientists were able to discover a vaccine. However, a mutant variant of the... Read more »
Blind date reality show

Blind Date Reality Show: Real or Scripted?

How many of you have watched ‘Blind Date’, Nepal’s first dating reality show? If you have, you must have asked if the so-called reality show Blind date real or scripted. Well, we... Read more »
Nirmal Purja/ Nims Dai Biography

Nirmal Purja AKA “Nims Dai” Biography | 14 Peaks- Nothing Is Impossible

After the release of the documentary 14 peaks – nothing is impossible on Netflix, Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai has become the source of inspiration to many youths. Indeed he has created... Read more »
SEE Result Published 2078

SEE Result 2078 is Published | Here’s How to Check

National Examination Board (NEB) has finally published the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) result of 2078. The examination was conducted in 2078 Jestha 13th. The exam was scheduled to be conducted from Chaitra... Read more »
Share Gyan is helping Nepali Share Market beginners

“Share Gyan” Helps You to Enter in Nepali Share Market

Share Gyan, as its name suggests it is all about stock market knowledge or in other word, share market knowledge. A Facebook page started with the sole aim of teaching people how... Read more »

The history on the sweating of Bhimsen Idol.

It is believed that the sweating of the Bhimsen idol in Dolakha is a sign that something bad is going to happen. After the sweat beads are seen, prompt puja by the... Read more »

A lawyers first case and it’s against her father

Mamata Shrestha is a newbie lawyer and her first case is filed against her own father. She shares her story to file the first case of her career against her own father... Read more »

The Real Meaning Behind Couple Saying We Are Pregnant.

Recently, Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Desraj Joshi publicly announced that they are pregnant and are expecting a baby. Priyanka Karki shared a photo on her Instagram with the caption that says ‘... Read more »