7 Places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal – ‘Sundar Sudurpaschim’

7 Places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal

If you are willing to explore the more authentic and outstanding natural beauty, then the Far-western region of Nepal has a lot to offer. Here are some breathtaking and amazing places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal. Although international tourists do not much explore this region, it’s worth giving a visit once in your life.

Far-western Nepal has a beautiful landscape and is also rich in a diverse culture. It is the storehouse of loving, welcoming and unique ethnic groups. However, the tourist outflow is very scarce due to difficult geography and poor physical infrastructure condition.

A rugged path, untouched and remote life, innocent people, and diverse culture will make us feel how far we have reached in the name of modernization.

7 Places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal

1.     Khaptad National Park

If you want to take some break from cities hustle and bustle, Khaptad National Park is one of the best places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal. The main attraction of this area are breathtaking green lush hilly grasslands, unique landscape, peaceful atmosphere, and the cool breeze coming from the Himalayas.

Khaptad is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in Nepal. It is situated at an elevation from 1400m -3300m; the region covers 225 square Kilometers of area. Besides, it will offer you mesmerizing panoramic view in the morning.

Further, wide fauna and flora, along with the chirping sounds of birds, will surely make your heart pump out loud.

2. Places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal Surmasarowar Lake

The historical and therapeutic Surmasarowar Lake is located in the beautiful Bajhang district. The Lake, located at an altitude of 4300 meters, offers beautiful serene. People also find this Lake soothing and relaxing. Some also believe lake water has healing properties.

Further, the route to reach Surma Lake is also pleasing and beautiful to relax both body and soul. Besides, at the end of July, people celebrate Birijaat, an occasion where many people come to this Lake.

surmasarowar lake

3.     Suklaphanta National Park

Suklaphanta National Park is one of the beautiful open grasslands, which is the home for many swarm deer, wild elephants, tigers, rhinos, and amazing migratory birds. It lies in Far-western Terai and is one of the top-rated places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal. Further, the national park is an attraction for many zoologists and researchers.

4.    Places to visit in the Far-western region of Nepal- Api Himal Base Camp Trek

The Api Himal is the highest mountain in the whole western region. The trek route offers amazing landscapes, real wilderness experiences, lush forests, deep blue rivers, cultural diversity, and many more. However, the trek can be quite challenging for some people; the view it offers is worth the pain.

Further, Api Himal (7,132m) base camp trek offers jaw-dropping views of Api Himal, Thado Dhunga Tuppa(5,368 m), Kapchuli(6850m), Rajama (6,537 m) and many more to the trekkers. Also, you can explore rural mountain life and a mixture of Hindu-Buddhist culture on the trek.

5.     Ramaroshan Area

Ramaroshan area is one of the top-rated places to visit in the far-western region of Nepal, located in the Acham district. The main attractions of this place are beautiful twelve lakes, eighteen meadows, diverse flora and fauna. If you get lucky, you can witness tigers, bears and wild boars.

Further, the place has some religious beliefs too. People believe Lord Mahadev and Devi Parvati had spent some time there. Besides, the weather around the area is ever-changing due to different ecotypes.

6.     Ghodaghodi Lake

Ghodaghodi Lake, one of the biggest lakes, is situated in the Far-western region of Nepal. The wetland is a habitat for many wildlife and diverse vegetation. Many internal tourists visit this Lake each year. Besides, you can enjoy boating on the Lake.

Ghodaghodi Lake
Ghodaghodi Lake

7.     Badhimalika Temple

It is one of the popular pilgrimage sites of the far-western region located in the Bajura district. Local hosts a huge fest during the month of Bhadra during Malika Chaturdashi. So, if you are planning to visit Far-western, do not forget to add this temple to your bucket list.

Badhimalika Temple
Badhimalika Temple

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