Wild Honey hunting in Nepal

Facts about wild honey hunting in Nepal

Honey hunting in Nepal is a very adventurous and risky task, but it is still among Gurung and Magar communities as means of traditional livelihood. Men climb high cliffs to harvest honey... Read more »

Biska Jatra of Thimi : Sindur Jatra and Bode Jatra

Biska Jatra is an annual festival celebrated in Bhaktapur, Bode, Thimi, Dhapasi, and Tokha. Biska Jatra of Thimi is commonly known as Sindur Jatra and Bode Jatra. SINDUR JATRA OF THIMI Sindur... Read more »

Bisket Jatra : The festival after death of serpent.

Bisket Jatra is the main festival of Newars in Bhaktapur. This nine-day-long festival is celebrated at the end of Chaitra, thus marking the end of the year and starting of the year... Read more »

Navadurga Jatra of Bhaktapur | Dances of tantric goddess

Navadurga Jatra is an indigenous festival of Bhaktapur which is basically the mask dance ceremony of the nine Durgas. The nine forms of Durga are said to be the demonic representation of... Read more »