Goals vs. Reality: How to Stick to Your Morning Routine?

How to Stick to Your Morning Routine

If you want to be more productive but wondering how to stick to your morning routine, we have come up with the best possible ways. Most of the successful people in the world are morning people who woke up early and do all their activities in time. However, to turn your goals and dreams into reality you should be consistent with your morning routine.

We often make a plan to change our habits but sticking around the routine can be challenging especially in the morning. However, building a new habit can be hard but with little consistency and dedication, you can make it happen. So, here are the ways to stick to your morning routine.

How to stick to your morning routine?

1.Try to adapt to a new mindset

If you are willing to make a change in your life, there is no way other than improving yourself in a better way. For that, you need to strictly follow your routine which is tough but not impossible. Remember your past mistakes and your old routines

Further, believe in yourself and stay motivated on sticking around your routines. . It will help you to clear up your head and help you to focus on your target more actively. So that you can adapt to a new routine more easily.

2.How to stick to your morning routine -Have some faith and patience

If you used to wake up at 8 in the morning, directly setting alarm for 5 will only mesh up with your head. You won’t be consistent with your plan. Rather than aiming high at once proceed slowly. Instead, it will be a lot easier to wake up 10 minutes earlier. However, it might be time-consuming but effective in the end.

3.Record daily progress

Once you set up your mind and are determined on a new routine, sooner you can experience good results. To know if you have made any progress or not, make a habit of keeping track of your morning routine.  

Keeping track of your routine can be satisfying and it will also encourage you in keeping up with the routine.

4.Remember your motivation

If you are still wondering how to stick to your morning routine, remember what triggered you to make a new routine. When you figure out why you needed a change from your old life, then only you can motivate yourself. And, without motivation, you can’t win the challenging battle of setting a new habit.

First, be clear on your purpose of waking up early. And, write it down. If you have started seeing others doing, there is no point.

5.How to stick to your morning routine- Reward yourself

Encourage and give rewards for accomplishment that’s how you can stick to a new routine. You will get inspiration to continue by celebrating your success. And, it does not need to be huge. You can celebrate either by dancing around or whatever you enjoy doing to celebrate your success.

reward yourself

6.Continue at least for 21 days

Research suggests building a new habit can take about 3 weeks. In the beginning, you might have to force yourself to perform morning rituals as per routine. So, stick at least 21 days in the new routine no matter how hard you feel.

7.Less is more

We can’t perform everything at one time. So, figure out the most important activity to perform in the morning. Most importantly, it should make you feel energize and set you in good mood for rest of the day. Therefore, begin with less and stick with the routine.

8.Don’t give up

It is okay to skip routines if you have a hectic schedule someday. However, you have to get back to the routine the next day with the same enthusiasm. It will help you keep up with the momentum.  


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