(क - ख) Unicode Typing Guide

ka = क     kha = ख     ga = ग     gha = घ     nga = ङ    ca = च     cha = छ     ja = ज     jha = झ     yna = ञ    Ta = ट     Tha = ठ     Da = ड     Dha = ढ     Na = न     ta = त    tha = थ     da = द     dha = ध     na = न     pa = प    pha = फ     ba = ब     bha = भ     ma = म     ya = य     ra = र     la = ल     wa = व     sa = स     Sha = श     Sa = ष     ha = ह     KS = क्ष     tra = त्र     gya = ज्ञ   

(अ - आ )Unicode Typing Guide

a = अ    aa = आ     i = इ     ii = ई     u = उ     U =ऊ     e = ए     E =ऐ     o = ओ    au = औ     a' = अं     a: = अ:

What is Nepali Unicode to Preeti Converter?

Nepali Unicode to Preeti Converter is a tool that converts Nepali romanized character into preeti Nepali font. You can directly type in Nepali Romanized letters in the upper box and convert it into preeti fonr by clicking in the "Convert to Preeti" button.

Why Preeti Font is needed?

Preeti font in Nepal is an oficial font widely used for official tasks. There are two options, either your can directly write in preetin font, or you can write in Nepali romanized unicode and convert it in preeti font. In the initial stage of typing in preeti fonr is quite difficult, so what you do is use the Unicode to Preeti Conveter to convert the written unicode into preeti.

How it this Tool is Different From Other?

Our Unicode to Preeti Converter is easy to use, crafted with simplified user interface,direct copy option, refined character accuracy, and all in one tool. We have also tried to make the easy too where you get all types of Nepali tool that can be useful in daily life. Out tool also gives you the basic character guidelines in the sidebar.

Features of Unicode to Preeti Converter by Nepali Trends

Our tool has following features

  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Direct copy option
  • Customizable background
  • Typing character guide for beginners

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