drprakash banjade

Dr. Prakash Banjade | Social Activist, Motivational Speaker, Youth Representative at UN

Early Childhood Dr. Prakash Banjade, as an aspiring youth leader and Medical Doctoris an example. He comes from a rather humble background from a remote village in Arghakhanchi district. He grew up... Read more »
Amit Agrawal Youth Profile

Amit Agrawal – Youth Profile | Nepali Trends

Amit Agrawal is a Nepali technology entrepreneur best known for  CEO of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. which operates three major products Khalti (Digital Wallet), Sparrow SMS, and Picovico (cloud-based Video-Making platform). He believes that simple... Read more »
Aayushi KC

Aayushi KC- Youth Profile | Nepali Trends

Aayushi KC is Nepali entrepreneur, Social influencer, Speaker and, best-known for founder and CEO of khaalisisi.com. Khaalisisi is a digital platform that connects waste sellers to waste entrepreneurs. Aayushi KC had a respected and... Read more »

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