Bobby Tripp Biography Featured

Bobby Tripp Biography

Nepalese hip-hop, popularly known as Nephop, has given birth to many talented artists. These days Nepal has begun to see the rise of the music industry with new young faces with astounding... Read more »
Swopnil Sharma Biography

Swopnil Sharma Biography

Swopnil Sharma is one of the Iconic singers, lyrics composers and successful entrepreneurs of Nepal. If you love Nepali Band, then you might know him. Because he is one of the lead... Read more »

C-LU Pokhrel Age, Height, Early Life, Family, Education, Career, Relationship Status and Wiki Bio

With the release of the Reality show Blind Date, C-LU Pokhrel (Shilu Pokhrel) got into fame. She entered into the show and got the title of Queen of Blind Date Season 1... Read more »
Nirmal Purja/ Nims Dai Biography

Nirmal Purja AKA “Nims Dai” Biography | 14 Peaks- Nothing Is Impossible

After the release of the documentary 14 peaks – nothing is impossible on Netflix, Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai has become the source of inspiration to many youths. Indeed he has created... Read more »
Ashish Puri Biography

Ashish Puri, Creator and Admin of  Facebook Page ‘Troll Pokhara’  Biography

Nowadays, Memes have become one of the major sources of entertainment in social media. Have you ever wondered creators and creative minds behind making funny and interesting memes? Well, today, we have... Read more »
Saroj Rana Praja Biography

Saroj Rana Praja Biography- Early life, Family, Age, Girlfriends and Net worth

Saroj Rana Praja is one of the talents unraveled through the TikTok platform. His energetic dance performances have won thousands of hearts and followers. Every Nepali who is on Tiktok is familiar... Read more »
Smita Dahal Biography

Smita Dahal Biography |Early life, Family, Age, Height, Relationship status and Net worth

Despite being from a political background, Smita Dahal chose music as her passion and got fame quickly. Now, she is one of the famous stars in the Nepali Music Industry. After her... Read more »
Madan Krishna Shrestha Biography

Madan Krishna Shrestha Biography 

The contribution of Madan Krishna Shrestha to the Nepali entertainment industry is inevitable. We 20s kids all grew up watching him as “Madan Bahadur”. Therefore, we have gathered all information about the... Read more »
Rishi Dhamala Biography

Rishi Dhamala Biography- A Famous Journalist of Nepal

Rishi Dhamala is a famous  journalist and the founder of Reporter’s Club Nepal. He is also the founder of the Journalist Association of Nepal and Prime Times Television. Additionally, Dhamala holds many online... Read more »
Hari Bansha Acharya Biography

Hari Bansha Acharya Biography

Hari Bansha Acharya is not only the finest comedian but also a good actor-singer and a stage performer. Consequently, he is a versatile comedian in the Nepali entertainment industry. Also, he is... Read more »