10 Foods That Every Nepali Miss When They are Out of Country

momo nepali food

Nepal is not only rich in cultural and natural resources but surprisingly rich in unique food representing the diverse ethnicity and culture of Nepal. The best thing is every ethnic community in Nepal has its own cuisines and delicacies. Although there are lots of Continental. Chinese, Thai, Indian dishes can be found, Nepali people are always looking for following typical foods.

Today I am going to discuss the best Nepali foods that are been missed when every Nepali is out of the country.

1. Dal Bhat

 Dal Bhat Nepali food

Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour !!!!

Yes, this is the famous say in Nepali. The very first thing every Nepali miss when they are out of the country is Dal Bhat. No matter how many food dishes are there, Dal Bhat is always zindabad.

The Dal Bhat recipe consists of lentil soup known as Dal, and boiled rice known as Bhat, with varied side dishes like steamed vegetables, meat, popadoms, pickle, and curd. Common Nepali have two plates of Dal Bhat at a time which means four plates a day. So, I think for every Nepali, Dal Bhat is a top dish which is missed every time.



Momo is another favorite thing in Nepal. It is simply a steamed dumpling, with a flour wrap meat stuffed in. Meat can be buff, chicken, pork, or even vegetables. But the most common momo in Nepal is buff and chicken. Each of these momos is differently cooked like steamed, roasted, Kothey (fried).

Momo is popular in Nepal because it is found everywhere from luxurious hotels to basic tea shops, even in the street food cart. Moreover, it is cheaper and tasty.

3. Chatpate & Pani Puri


Chatpate and Pani Puri are probably the best and easy to find spicy food in Nepal. Chatpate and Pani Puri are different things, but it falls in the same category as it is mostly preferred by youngsters. Chatpate is a simple mixture of spicy ingredients like Chau-Chau (Nepali Instant Noodle), Bhujiya (puffed rice), chilies, onion, coriander, peas, tomato sauce, and so on. Whereas PaniPuri is made up of two elements Pani (heavily seasoned water)  and Puri small Crispy deep-fried bread with seasoned potato, onion, and chilly in it.

Pani Puri

4. Sukuti


Sukuti is simply dried meat but a tasty one. This very typical Nepali dried meat is another food that every Nepali miss. Sukuti can be consumed in a variety of ways. Like we can eat directly, charbroiled and spiced as an appetizer or snack, or mixed with other ingredients and served as a side dish such as in Sukuti ko achar (a side dish), usually with tomato sauce.

5. Nepali Noodles

wai wai noodles
Wai Wai Noodles

Wai Wai is one of the famous Nepali instant noodles. There are many brands under the instant noodles but Wai Wai is quite famous among them. This is served in different ways such as cooked with vegetables, mixed with puffed rice, or can be eaten without cooking. The different variants and the versatility of the noodles (which can be prepared in different ways) make it a favorite for everyone.

I see there are lots of Nepalis who send/take Wai Wai as a special parcel overseas.

6. Thukpa and Chaumin

Thukpa noodle nepali food

Thukpa is a popular Tibetian food that comes with veg or non veg soup. However, chaumin is fried noodles with vegetables or meat that is served with sauces. Thukpa and Chaumin is a very common food all over Nepal. The vegetables used in Thukpa are very common like cabbage, onion, mushrooms, coriander, etc.

Soups can generally be served through the year at any time and this one of noodles is also good enough for a meal. Since it contains vegetables and chicken, it also gives ample amounts of nutrition.

Chaumin, on the other hand, is a very popular and common snack in Nepal after MoMo. It is very popular because it is easy to make and served with a variety of vegetables and meat items.


7. Samosa


Samosa is Indian/Nepali Food which is very common and very popular among Nepali veg lovers. It comes with either tomato sauce or a different curry. Samosa is a potato stuffed deep fried tea time snack that is very popular not only in India and Nepal but also across Asian countries and the middle east. It is believed that they originated from the middle east and was brought to India by the Merchants. Slowly, it also came to Nepal and spread across South Asia. Samosa is commonly they are made with potato stuffing but can also be made of meat. Samosa is one of the most commonly eaten snacks in Nepal.

8. Sel Roti

Sel Roti
Sel Roti

Selroti is a common and unique dish of Nepal. It holds the significant importance of Nepali culture, tradition and society. Although Selroti can be found throughout the year, it is mostly prepared during the festival of Dashain and Tihar. Selroti is one of the best and most missing dishes for all Nepalis in overseas.

9. Jujudhau (King of Yoghurt)

Juju Dhau

Jujudhau is originated in Bhaktapur and it literally means King of Yoghurt in Newari language. Jujudhau is one of the items that Newar people miss from outside the country. One of the secrets of Jujudhau’s goodness lies in culturing it in a clay pot, which helps to evaporate excess moisture making it very creamy.

For maintaining the perfect temperature, the pot is covered with jute cloth and rice husk. The hint of aromatic spices like cardamom enhances the overall flavor of the yogurt. Scooping out the top thick creamy layer is the best of all.

10. Dhido & Gundruk ko Achar

Dhido nepali food
Image- devalleyrestaurant.com

Dhido is a typical Nepali dish quite common in the countryside of Nepal. It is traditional millet of maize flour mashed and served with seasonal vegetables or meat soup. It often comes with Gundruk (Preserved underground spinach). Dhido can be found in several restaurants in Kathmandu too but only in specific traditional restaurants.

Dhido is not popular for all young folks but it is one of the best food that missed by old Nepalis.




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