5 Tibetan Delicious Food to Try in Kathmandu

tibetan food in kathmandu

Food is an integral and essential part of human life since our existence. No human life can be imagined without food. In the modern era, food is eaten not just to live but also to make it more variation in tongue test.

There are various food items that originated from different parts of the world and given their own name to distinguish. Such as Chinese, Continental, Indian, and so on… The choices of food also differ from person to person or to be exact, region to region.

Nepal is one of the places in the world, where you get to test varieties of food from different ethnic groups. Apart from awesome local foods, you can easily get different food items from different parts of the world.

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In this article, we are going to list the best and delicious Tibetan foods you can try in Kathmandu Nepal. Here goes the list.

1) Laphing


Laphing has become the most favorite snack among young Nepali people. This is one of the most popular Tibetan foods in Nepal. In fact, Laphing is the best choice for spice-lover. You can easily get Laphing in around the Boudha area (but can be found in other places of Kathmandu too).

Laphing is a plain cold noodle served with a various mixture of Instant Noodles (Chau Chau), Eggs, Keema (Minced Meat), and Bacon. You can have it with soups or even dry. The different restaurant tries to serve differently to make it more appealing to the youngsters.

So, if you have not tried the Laphing yet, you better try it out. Who knows, you may find it exotic.

2) Sha Phale

Sha Phale

Sha Phale is another popular food in Nepal. It is dough stuffed with different flavored meats and vegetables inside it. Once it is stuffed with keema, it is deep-fried in the hot oil. Sha Phale is served with the sauce and eaten mostly as snacks at tea time.

It is easily found in any part of Kathmandu, from the Thela Gada to the restaurants. As seen in the picture above, Sha Phale is very appetizing and mouth-watering, especially when you are hungry. If you have not tried yet, go and try this tasty snack.

3. Dry Thukpa

dry thukpa

Dry Thukpa is another best selling food in Kathmandu. When you go around Baudha, you can easily find Dry Thukpa in different Tibetan or even Nepali restaurants.

Dry Thukpa is just like a regular Thukpa. It is boiled first and topped with different vegetables and meat items. As the name suggests, dry Thukpa is served with no soup but can be eaten with sauce.

4. Shyapta


Shyapta or Shapta is a popular Tibetan dish you can find in Kathmandu. Shyapta is meat (pork, goat, buff, chicken) mixed and fried with vegetables. In the old days, Shyapta used to be of only yak meat. But now varieties of flavor can be found as easy availability of the meat.

Shyapta is easy to make and can be eaten with Tingmo and other items. Just add different vegetables to enhance their taste.

5. Ting MoMo

Ting Momo

Tingmo also is known as Ting Momo is another popular Tibetan dish you can find in Kathmandu. This is not common like other momo and Chaumin, but of course, it is good to try. Tingmo is generally served with soup, curry, meat, or vegetables.

Tingmo is nothing but steamed doe that contains nothing inside. You can find it in a few restaurants in Baudha but not everywhere. Generally, in the monasteries, it is a common food for monks served with Razma and dal curry.

So, this is the list of the best Tibetan foods you can try in Kathmandu. What do you think about these lists, do you have any favorite Tibetan food item or experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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