When Scooter Rider Struck by Former Prime Minister Security Van

Accident in Nepal

A video taken by Sanzip Lama Tamang has gone viral on social media on Saturday. 

Facebook User Sanzip Lama posted a video at midnight that spread across a social like virus on Saturday. The video clip contains the footage of scooter rider struck by the security van of former prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand along the Naya Baneshwar-Maitighar road section.

According to Annapurna Post the van no. Ba 1 Jha 9527 hit the scooter while escorting a VIP vehicle. Luckily, the scooter driver and the pillion rider remained unscathed except minor damage on a scooter.

The accident happened at around 5 PM on Friday. After social media users started lashing out at the APF and the government for reckless driving, Valley Traffic Police and the APF jointly have started an investigation into the incident.

We have been investigating the incident after media reports. Obviously, the video shows that there was so much carelessness on the part of the APF van – Suraj Kumar Shrestha, APF Spokesperson


Watch The Video



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