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Shrinkhala KHatiwada

Shrinkhala Khatiwada posted a photo on Instagram on Friday afternoon with hashtag #nomakeupandstillbeautiful.

As the one video clip of the audition of the Miss Nepal is going viral like crazy on social media, she posted a picture with this caption. The judge of the audition Rachana Gurung argued with a participant about not putting makeup and contact lens on.

After this video went trending, she is receiving negative comments from the majority public.


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500k! Thank you so much for all your love ❤️ #nomakeupandstillbeautiful

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Some memes on Rachana Gurung

Social Reaction

The conversation at Audition set

Participant: I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering right now. I am in the seventh semester.
Rachana Gurung: Why aren’t you wearing makeup?
Participant: Because honestly, I don’t know how to do makeup.
Rachana Gurung: ….and you are ready to join…
Participant: ….and ….
Rachana Gurung: Miss Nepal Beauty Pageant….
Participant: … I will learn.
Rachana Gurung: You will learn? You know what..this is the 21st century. The world is in your palm. We at least expect you to wear makeup and come. This is disrespect.
Participant: I am wearing what I am comfortable with….
Rachana Gurung: …..seriously right now
Participant: ….a bit of mascara and…..
Rachana Gurung: no and what’s your power (Eye)?
Participant: -5.
Rachana Gurung: -5. Do you wear contact lens?
Participant: Yeas I do sometimes.
Rachana Gurung: Why aren’t you wearing it today?
Participant: Because I had to come through ama…..bike. So, pollution le garda kei huncha ki vanera..
Rachana Gurung: Can you put your hair back?
Participant: [she throws her hair back….smiling]
Rachana Gurung:  Okay… chasma ekchin nikala…
Ishani Shrestha: Can you show me your teeth?
Participant: [smiles…]
Ishani Shrestha and Another judge: can you turn your left?
Participant:[turns left…]

Ishani Shrestha: that’s right but …
Rachana Gurung: Okay, you can see us now… [chuckles]



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