Michael McGee Viral Social Memes – How He Looks In 2018?

Michael McGee memes

There’s a no doubt that you have commented on a Facebook post with a meme. Not only are memes an amazing way to communicate feelings without having to actually think of anything, they’re also really funny.

While we are making memes and sharing them with friends, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind our favorite internet motifs.Everyone has a favorite meme they like to use.

There are lots of categories of Memes like Technology, College, Fight, Social and so on. But have ever thought of real people behind it? You hardly seen them in real life.But don’t worry today I am going to meet you with each of them.

So today one of the well known meme.Lets see some memes found on the internet.

Meme Context – This picture his used for some forcefully controlled situation memes.

Real Name : Michael McGee

Nationality : American

Picture Taken at : Northwest High School in Justin, Texas in 2013.
Photographer: His best friend Mathew

Follow him on Twitter @MichaelMcGee


Real People Behind Viral Memes

Real People Behind Viral Memes

Michael McGee memes

Michael McGee memes


Michael McGee became one of the biggest internet memes, at 16 years old. In the viral photo, he’s red-faced with veins on his forehead and neck bulging out, looking like he’s about to explode while sitting next to a female classmate. The photo from its post was captioned “Trying to Hold a Fart Next to a Cute Girl in Class.”

Michael twitted this picture in October 2013 for the first time.

The image was posted to Reddit in March 2014 with the caption: “Trying to hold a fart next to a cute girl in class”. But it’s only been in recent times that even more memes and tweets have popped up making light of McGee’s strained expression.

Michael says he does not care about the jokes and the “fame” that his photo has generated but says that “I regret not having registered it in copyright because maybe I could have made a lot of money”.That’s great idea but it is too late.

Michael McGee

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