Interesting facts about crappy off brands of Nepal

Crappy off brands of Nepal

Have you ever encountered crappy off-brands accidentally? Or never bother noticing in detail? Here I will tell you some interesting facts about crappy off brands of Nepal. So, let’s dive into it.

How many of you have Chico Cola instead of Coca-Cola? It is one example of a knock-off product. There are plenty in the market, so be aware of such crappy off-brands.

These crappy off brands are giving their whole effort to copy the outlook of the authentic brands you are used to. So, most of the time, we do not go through the levels and what is written. And easily have them without even realizing.

If you observe, you will find crappy off brands in every field, including foods, clothing, cosmetic products etc. Here, I will only talk about some of the knock-off food products available in the Nepali market, especially in rural areas.

Crappy off brands of food products

All the foodies out there, be aware of what you are having. You should be more conscious while travelling to new areas. There are plenty of crappy off-brands, a few of them I accidentally happen to try.

crappy off brand
crappy off brands of Nepal

‘Chico Cola’

Many of us have tasted this shitty product that exactly looks like the original Coco-Cola. But, it does not even taste closer to the original one.

But, from now be careful and read every bit of letters and information that you will consume.


We all have well known for the original ‘Fanta.’ Many people love the sweet orangey flavour.

Be aware of cold drink lovers. ‘fantuz’ looks precisely alike with Fanta.

 ‘Funny’ the exact version of ‘Fanta’

‘Funny’ looks similar in appearance to the original brand Fanta. But, it is nothing alike in quality and taste.

 ‘Fruit jump’

We all have grown up having ‘fruity’ from childhood. Now, you may find the exact copy “fruit jump.”

 ‘Right’- crappy off brands of original ‘Sprite.’

‘Right’ is another knock-off brand of authentic Sprite.


katkot-crappy off brand
KatKot-crappy off brand

It is hard to find a person who has not tasted KitKat. The exact crappy off-brand ‘KatKot’ has been seen in the markets.


Hungry? Grab snickers. We all are familiar with this famous chocolate brand.

With some alteration in letters, ‘Snippers’ is in the markets.

Well, chocolate lovers do not jump into the exact appearance. Sometimes what we see may not be accurate.


In the case of Nepal, these crappy off brands are mainly available in rural areas. Such product makers are taking advantage of the unawareness of rural people. Low prices compared to original brands and their identical appearances are also responsible for the availability of such products in the rural market.

Although this knock-off product looks the same as authentic brands, they are not alike in the ingredients used, and even the way they are prepared does not meet the quality standards. They are not certified, so we should not trust their compositions. Having them can impact our health.

Many people are very spontaneous while purchasing and might end up getting these crappy off-brands. So, we all should be conscious enough while buying anything. Look thoroughly at the labels, and do not forget to read the brand name.

Above I mentioned  some of the crappy brands of cold drinks and chocolates that I have seen. What are your experiences? Please let us know by commenting us funny incidents with crappy off products.

Do not compromise on your health for the sake of saving some money!

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