World Cup, Nepali and Social Media

World Cup and Nepai Social Media

No one denies the fact that FIFA World Cup is widely viewed sports event in the world. Nearly, 3.4 Billion (almost 46 percent of total population) people around the world watch FIFA World Cup. The main reason for being this popular is easy to understand for all age groups, demography and of course geography.

The biggest football event FIFA World Cup is organized in every four years of interval. Where world’s top 32 football champion countries take part not only for the trophy but for being champion in the world.

It is obvious that regular football follower and non-follower watch FIFAWorld Cup. Everybody has their own teams and favorite players. Great players like Lionel Messi (Argentina), Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Neymar (Brazil) etc. have billions of fans and following around the world. There are rising young players as well being noticed in World Cup.

The environment during the World Cup is really an exciting moment. We enjoy each and every match, pay attention to each game, pray for players and teams even though it does not have a direct benefit to ourselves except our country is participating in the tournament.

Being crazy about World Cup?

I am sure FIFA World Cup is one and only sports event in the world that every people around the world pay attention to. I strongly disagree with the statement that there is no meaning of being crazy about World Cup. I think World Cup is like a festival. People around the world gather for one match, one stadium. The celebration goes crazy.

Nepali Supporters   

I think the majority of Nepalese are in the favor of Argentina followed by Brazil, Portugal, and Germany. One of the strong reason for being Argentina fan is Lionel Messi. I have seen lots of supporters from celebrities to football players are standing out with Argentina.

But the funny part is, lots of people support teams without any reason. That’s very funny :D.

Negative aspect or World Cup

Last time, when Argentina lost the match against Mexico, a guy tried to commit suicide. Luckily he was rescued on time. In 2014 World Cup, a teenage girl committed suicide because her team lost the match.

These are few examples only, there are lots of incidents that happen during World Cup. I don’t think being this crazy is good.

We should enjoy World Cup in a positive manner.

With the rise of technology and social media. People around the world are putting lots of memes and trolls on social media, which is another beautiful part of it. At least we enjoy those funny posts.

We have seen that many people attempt suicide if their team lose. This is a serious matter. It is okay to be crazy but being over crazy is definitely dangerous. Some people seriously fight each other. Sometimes such activity leads to unexpected results.

Some of the negative activity that happens during World Cup.

  • Fighting each other
  • Damaging property if the team lose the match
  • Bullying other people publicly
  • Committing suicide


I personally do not support any team or country, but I like Lionel Messi and his skills. So sad to knocked out from the World Cup.

At last, Enjoy the World Cup.

Ashad 18, 2075 Monday [July 2, 2018]

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