Why People Comment Dot (.) In Facebook Post ? Real Fact

why people comment dot in facebook


You may have noticed that a lot of people commenting dot (.) on Facebook in the recent years. There is a misconception about “dot” comment or “period” comment. The post will be automatically boosted after you comment dot. Yes, that is logically right. The Facebook algorithm is designed in such a way that your post will be automatically brought to the top when someone interacts with it.

Adding a “.” in the comment section is a common way to follow a thread. The idea is that, by adding a comment, they will receive notifications when the comment thread (or original post, in some cases) is updated.

Does dot (.) help to boost the post?

The answer is yes! I Because this works on Facebook. Commenting dot will notify the friends that you have recently commented on some post. Which indirectly bring the user to the post.

Suppose if your best friend or colleague commented on some specific post. You see that he or she recently commented on a post as an activity. Now, in many cases, your interest may be similar to your best friend or colleague. Here, the chance of clicking the activity is higher. Ultimately post will be seen by you. In such a the post will be boosted!

When to comment dot (.)?


  • There are lots of social Facebook pages that post some important notices. If such post which is very important for all or maybe emergency information to the public, then it is time to comment dot (.).

why people comment dot in facebook

  • In the other case, if you liked some post and you want to let others know then you can comment dot (.).
  • If you have words to comment but still want you yo inform more users then again you can comment dot (.).
  • You can also comment dot in some urgent help posts.

When not to comment dot (.)?

You should not promote bad things. Yes!! Do not interact with the unnecessary posts. Once you interact, the post will automatically come to the top of the newsfeed.

why people comment dot in facebook


There are a lot of misleading post and misconception about some terms. For example, comment bff to check the security of the account. Finding out the truth behind the hoax is our duty. So, don’t run behind the fake post of social media. You may sometime lose your important personal data.

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