What’s Wrong With Real Madrid In The League?

Real Madrid
Real Madrid
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Whenever one thinks of the Spanish top flight league La Liga, there are 2 things that pop up in anyone's
mind : Real Madrid and Barcelona. In this year’s league too they (as always) are the top talking points.
Barcelona for being the top of the table and unbeaten in the league but similar hasn't been the case of
their top notch rivals. Real Madrid have made headlines in the league for all the bad reasons. They have
been exceptionally poor in delivering results, which is very abnormal and not used too.
Real Madrid have always been one of the best club not only in Spain and Europe but the whole world.
They are and have been so because of the winning ways of theirs. Scoring a lot of goals have always
been their trademark. This season however, it has not been so. The club some 4-5 months ago had won
almost all the major trophies they took part in. Club and the coach were in dreamland. But the
dreamland has turned into a hell fire. They are struggling to won their matches and their players have
not been delivering the results which is rather unfamiliar sight at the capital club.
There can be stated some problems for the current scenario. First of the many problems is their top
players have not delivered their proper game. Real Madrid is always associated with top class players as
they have always been. The current squad too contains the world’s best players. The inclusion of them in
the team of the year cemented this fact. But seeing the league matches this season really makes anyone
doubt that fact. The truth that the player with the highest amount of goals has just 4 goals to his
account clearly shows how bad shape the club is in. Cristiano Ronaldo has arguably been their star
player along the years, but even his goal scoring form has crashed to the ground. The fact that he has
only seen his shot touch the net just 4 times in 14 matches proves the fact. Karim Benzema, the first
choice striker of the los blancos has just 2 goals to his name. Gareth Bale has had good games but he has
been constantly out of action through injuries. The star players have not shined as they used to. Ronaldo
or Benzema used to be their match winners, but their failure to produce the sparkle in the game has
cost the Madrid based club.

Another reason for Real Madrid’s collapse at the league is lack of proper signings for the departed
players. Real Madrid sold Alvaro Morata to Chelsea and James Rodriguez to Bayern Munich, where they
are proferming really well and as their standard. Although Madrid sold them, they never tried to sign
any replacement. James and Morata used to be the players who provided the necessary spark when
things were bad during the game. Letting them go was a mistake and not replacing them a bigger one.
Zidane, the head coach, denies that Madrid needs any players to improve the game. In a way, he is
showing faith to the squad, but the squad have not delivered. There definitely seems a need in the
dressing room by adding one or two players who can give the club a boost.
Currently Madrid are at fourth in the league, 19 adrift of their arch rivals Barcelona. They are barely
even in top four with Villarreal at 5th, just a point behind them. The league seems lost for Madrid and
best they can expect is in the top 3. This unfamiliar sight in the league table can only be blamed to
mainly the star players and the coach, Zidane, who insists that the club needs no replacement players. If
Real Madrid do not sort their problem out, they might be in even deeper trouble.

Article By – Arun Kumar Bastola



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