What Must You Know About The Different Sources of Reservation?

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People travel for different reasons and they comprise MICE and personal. Hence, there are different sources for which reservations are made. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Requests from travel agents – Travel agents do approach hotels for booking
    accommodations for serving group travelers.
  • Requests from guests directly – Many times, the prospective guests do approach to the
    hotels for reserving accommodation. This happens when they tend to be family travelers
    or single travelers.
  • Request from airlines – At times, the airlines too reserve accommodations for routine
    stay. Sometimes, they reserve accommodations for cancellations of flight too.
  • Request from corporate agents – The organizations can request hotels to reserve
    accommodations meant for their visitors, clients, and employees.
  • Request from institutions – Different NGO or SMERF institutions do make requests for
    reserving hotels to serve delegation of embassies, sportspeople, workshop groups,
    performing-art program groups, etc. who travel to various locations.

What is Meant by Guest Registration?

Guest registration is recognized as the information of guests for official purposes. During the reservation time, the staff of the front office does ask the guests to put their personal information. The activity of registration becomes important for both; the walk-in guests and guests having reserved accommodation. At the time of registration, the guests do enter vital information, like their contact number, visa and passport details, need for staying at the hotel, etc. So, the front office staff is needed to keep the guests’ information strictly confidential to unauthorized people.

The Process of Pre-registration

The pre-registration process comprises the prospective guests who ask about the obtainability of the desired kind of accommodation. The process of registration can also be fulfilled beforehand through the telephonic conversation when they are VIPs, frequent guests, or group guests. However, when a novice walk-in guest appears, then the pre-registration process remains absent in the absence of any prior communication between the hotel and the guest. So, in this case, the activity of pre-registration does accelerate the actual process of registration where the awaited accommodation gets noticed as reserved.

How Does an Online Hotel Reservation System Automate the Booking Method?

The online hotel reservation system does automate the process of booking effectively. When a booking gets made, then the platform automatically lessens the rooms that are obtainable in a hotel. With the help of an online reservation system, hoteliers can make comparisons between online and offline sales. Additionally, this system also makes comparisons between sales made by travel agents and sales made by staff members.

Get customer satisfaction with the online reservation system

Hoteliers can manage customer experience when they make Hotel Banyuwangi booking or other hotels’ booking by various shopping and reservation patterns. At the time of booking, hoteliers can propose different value-added services too, like spa and gym packages. At times, they offer city tour guides too. Again, an online reservation system is excellent for feedback too. Through an online reservation system, hoteliers can get direct sales besides managing revenue for inns,B&Bs, and hotels. This becomes a superb method to keep the customers happy and avert common misunderstandings.



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