5 weird things people watch on Youtube

5 Weird things people watch on Youtube

What comes to your mind when someone asks weird things on youtube that you have watched till now? Here I am going to tell you 5 weird things people watch on Youtube.

We all are familiar with Youtube. Every person has different interests and categories to watch. No wonder youtube has become popular with children to older people as it offers you with variety of content. It offers everything from documentaries to fun movies or dramas literally.

But, in this article, I have collected the weirdest head-scratching videos on Youtube that also have crazy views.

5 Weird things on Youtube People watch :

1.Weird things on youtube – People  trying to hypnotize viewers

Weird things on youtube-hypnotyse others
Weird things on youtube-hypnotyse others

Hypnosis is one of the debatable talks among scientists. But, many people have claimed to have the power to hypnotize others. They make videos on youtube showing how their viewer can get hypnotized. Sounds scary, right?

However, many people watch such types of weird things on Youtube. When you type ‘hypnotize’ on the search bar on youtube, you will see plenty of videos and channels. Among many channels, ‘ Ultrahypnosis’ has millions of views on such videos.

With affirming phrases and swirling background music, they try to compel viewers to do many things. But, you must be wondering, does it work? Well, the positive comments of viewers surprised me. However, it depends on how focused you are while watching the video.

2. Weird things on Youtube – Cyriak animation videos

Cyriak is a UK-based surreal animator. He makes weird mind-blowing, and creepy animated videos. He is well known for his amazing bizarre short animated videos.

Moreover, the videos show repeated loops of creepy monstrous things or objects. These projected monstrous things are made out of fingers. Similarly, to make the effect more terrifying, the things puke the head through their mouth repeatedly. Is not it weird things to watch on youtube?

Cyriak’s animations are confusing, but if we crack, all of them have some message in them. Also, if you find a way to irritate your friends, then Cyriak’s videos are the best option.

3.Weird things on Youtube – How To Basic

‘HowTo Basic’ is a youtube channel that tricks you with its interesting thumbnails. They put appealing thumbnails like “How to stop snoring.” However, when you click the video, you will see a heavy breathing, restless man who makes lousy noises.

In the clip, he performs things like breaking and slapping his stuff or smashing eggs haphazardly. But, he doesn’t speak anything throughout the entire video. So, you can even send it to your friends to prank them. Moreover, the channel has 16.7 million subscribers. Thus, making it one of the popular weird things on Youtube that people watch.

4. Poodle exercise with humans

It is one of the weird things on Youtube watched by 4 million people in the world. You must be wondering what is so weird about this video. Well, it shows dancing exercises done by poodles with a girl. Susan Powter has shown herself as a crazy poodle-woman and working out with poodles.

Nagi Noda made this video, and it was also part of among the ten films of the Athen Olympics 2004. The video is mesmerizing, motivating and funny.

 5. Weird things on Youtube – Adventure of whaleman 1

The video entitled ‘ Adventure of whaleman 1’ is one of the weirdest videos on youtube. You can watch this video on the scrappy64 youtube channel. Moreover, it has thousands of views, showing people love to watch weird, hilarious videos.

Hilarious whale-human hybrid version dance will make you laugh continuously. Also, at the same time, you would be asking yourself why you are watching this video. If such mixed laugh and weird feelings do not come while watching, then there is no point in being weird on Youtube.

These are the five weird things on Youtube people watch. So, how many of them have you watched? Do let us know in the comment section.

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