Why visit the World’s highest Irish Pub of Nepal, located at the gate of Mount Everest?

If you are willing to enjoy a drink sitting at the highest altitude, then visit World’s highest Irish Pub located at Namche Bazaar. The small town Namche Bazaar is a place to stop by for those who are looking for adventures. It is the gateway to Mount Everest, where tourists stay to acclimatize and have some fun. The Pub was closed considering the risk of COVID-19, but now it has been opened for all.

One of the main attractions of Namche Bazaar is the Irish Pub and here are the reasons why you should visit the World’s highest Irish Pub.

1.     To get the thrilling experience – visit World’s highest Irish Pub.

The Irish Pub is located at 3,450 meters altitude making it the highest altitude pub in the World. There is no place in the World that you could experience the same thrill as it offers. To have a drink at this Pub, you have to put in some effort. After all, it’s worth taking the challenge.

The major challenge is taking one of the dangerous flights to Lukla airport, located at Khumbu. There is no other alternative than taking flight. The runway is not that long, so only small aircraft make a flight here. Furthermore, two more days of long treks will only lead you to the foot of Mount Everest, i.e. at Namche Bazaar.

World's highest Irish Pub of Nepal

2.     Warm hospitality on freezing altitude

The trek to Mount Everest is not easy. Each day you will get to the higher altitude that completely exhausts trekkers. Therefore, travellers stop by at Namche Bazaar to get away from the pain of straight two days trek from Lukla. Moreover, the stay is necessary to acclimatize the body at such a high altitude.

But, you should visit the World’s highest altitude Irish Pub while staying at Namche bazaar to experience the warm hospitality in freezing weather.

Irish pub
Irish pub/ Facebook

3.     To enjoy the sip of local as well as Imported beverages.

After entering the Pub, you will have a chance to sip various beverages from imported wines, Whiskey to traditional locals. The drinks are imported mainly from Ireland and Switzerland. The drinks include Guinness, Baileys, Murphy’s, Erin’s Rock, Jameson, and many more.

Drink's collection on Irish Pub of Nepal
Drink’s collection on Irish Pub of Nepal

All imported stocks reach here with a lot of effort as only mules and Yaks are transport sources. Further, in Irish Pub, they will serve you with Special traditional Sherpa’s beverages such as Chyang, Tongba and local Raksi. Also, they make sure you enjoy the most while having each sip of drinks.

4.     To taste the Yak meat.

Yak are mountain goats and used for multiple purposes from transportation to meat, wool and cheese production. You might find Yak cheese easily, but visit the World’s highest Irish Pub to have tasty and nutritionally rich Yak meat. You will see Yak burger on the menu that you should try besides drinks when you get there.

5.     One of the most remote pubs in the World

It has been listed in one of the remote pubs in the World. There is no transportation facility at Namche Bazaar due to the steep and rugged terrain. So, you will see plenty of porters and Yak and Mules carrying the luggage through the narrow paths. Therefore, the feeling is fantastic when you see the Irish bar in such a remote location. Therefore, visit the World’s highest Irish Pub to get a remote experience.

6.     Visit world’s highest Irish Pub to meet people from all over the World.

One of the significant highlights of Irish Pub is you can get to meet travelers from all over the world who have come to get the first-hand experience of the World’s highest summit, i.e. Mount Everest. Moreover, you can build a connection with strangers and exchange the trek experience. So, if you want to meet the adventurous trekker like you, visit the World’s highest Irish Pub at Namche Bazaar.

meet people from all over the world at Irish bar
Meet people from all over the world at Irish pub

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