6 Video Games featuring Nepal that you might not know before

Top 6 video games featuring Nepal

Over the last few decades, a handful of significant games already used Nepal as a set – up, either for a section or, in extreme instances, the entirety of the game. Here, we have brought you a collection of renowned video games featuring Nepal that find a way to fit into our country’s diverse culture and remarkable topography.

Games have never been more popular or inclusive than they are today. Today’s video games are more expansive, tell more dramatic plots, and construct technologically sophisticated gaming engines.

Nepal was displayed as pixelated polygons of multi-story temples, Buddhist stupas, and prayer flags in older games, which were severely limited by technology.

6 video games featuring Nepal that you might not know before

1. Uncharted 2: Among thieves

In the second instalment of Uncharted: Among Thieves, devilishly delightful Nathan Drake transports to the urbanized area in Nepal. The series introduced Nathan Drake, an adventurer who looks like his more popular female counterpart, Lara Croft. Lara has also been to Nepal in the past.

 However, Nathan only got to the Himalayas in the second iteration of the Uncharted adventure game series. On the way to Shambhala, Nathan stops for a chapter in Nepal and its narrow streets.

Uncharted 2, the video game featuring Nepal, depicts minute details such as rakman masks on the wall, shrines and the peculiar Newar valley of Kathmandu. Further, it represents a few temples along with plenty of prayer flags.

Uncharted 2 - video games featuring Nepal

2. Dirt 5- video games featuring Nepal

Dirt- 5 video game depicts as perfect racing location. While racing, the gamers will experience snow-capped mountains, hills and prayer flags on the monasteries.

With so many badly built and poorly maintained station roads, racing games turns out to be thrilling and intriguing. Also, it could be a good thing to come out of our depressing road conditions.

Further, you can spot dozers and cranes in the background as construction works are always on the run due to poor road conditions.

Dirt 5 - video games featuring Nepal

3. Needs for Seed 2

It is another Video Game featuring Nepal that represents extreme road conditions. Although it is 90’s fun, it portrays Nepal road conditions. However, you need to set a snowy setting, ‘Mystic Course’, to enjoy the full Nepali feeling.

The race will lead you to the urban stone-paved roads following the specific remote areas. Similarly, pagodas, along with giant bells, will make you feel homely.   

4. Far Cry 4- video games featuring Nepal

Another iconic video game, Far Cry, set in ‘Kyrat’, portrays beautiful Nepali culture. Similarly, it depicts the hilly trekking routes prayer flags along monasteries.

Further, the leading framework behind the game draws inspiration from Nepali history. Pagan Min (character) also destroys the royal palace by killing the royal heir in the game. Besides, the plot also revolves around the civil war against the King. All of these are very familiar with the historical events of Nepal.

5. Overwatch

It is another video game featuring Nepal that you might not know before. It is an online shooter game. Unlike the above game, there is no civil war or conspiracy. However, it leads you to the beautiful rural wooden roofed and mud-based houses.

Moreover, you can even gain shooting experience at Patan Durbar Square. Besides, it has no prayer flags, which are another plus point.

6.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty is another popular shooter video game featuring Nepal. The houses, flaunts, Buddhist-styled murals on their walls.

 It has a Multi-player maps’ Elevation’ using you can get Nepali feeling.

These are the six video games featuring Nepal; you can feel at home by playing.

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