Is it worth using TikTok for business?

Is it worth using TikTok for business

If you are wondering about using TikTok for business worth or not, then you are in the right place. We will tell you all the detail regarding TikTok and its usefulness to promote business.

If you are not yet familiar with TikTok, you will be surprised to see the increasing number of active users. Initially, it was only used for entertainment purposes, but nowadays, you can see varieties of content besides entertainment such as tutoring, creating awareness etc. What you get will depend on your interests and whom you will follow on TikTok.

promote product using TikTok for business

Why is the trend of using TikTok for business increasing?

Tiktok has launched in the year 2016, but within five years of period, it has been downloaded over two billion times on Google Play and App Store. Currently, more than 38 Million downloads have been done, making it the most downloaded app. Thus, TikTok has wide coverage and is ahead of any social media in today’s scenario.

 It is now rapidly becoming a great platform for any business to reach new and larger customers. Here are some reasons for the increase in trends of using TikTok for business, so you can determine whether to invest your time and effort in this platform or not :

Tiktok- Emerging social media marketing tool.

Although in some of the countries TikTok is banned still active users are all across the world. Tiktok has become the most actively used platform compared to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. People are spending much more time watching TikTok videos, thus making it a great social media marketing tool. And, you can promote your brands using TikTok for business.

Wide coverage of audiences

About 155 countries are using TikTok, and the craze among people is also increasing. If you have just begun your business or have low brand awareness, then you can benefit by using TikTok for business.

Not only teens or youth but also older people are using TikTok actively. So, you can reach the target audience easily.

Easy to understand your brand for viewers

The TikTok platform is quite similar to youtube as you can upload any videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. Most importantly, you can use the content for repurposing from anywhere without an issue or can make your authentic content.

Due to the audio-visual impact, you can make aware viewers about your brand or product precisely or easily. If you are an event planner or stylist, you can benefit by showing your work through TikTok videos. In short videos, people will get a basic idea about your business.

The cheapest platform for promoting business

Well, you need a lot of sum to promote your brand in advertising. But, TikTok is the best platform where you can add your content free of cost with wide audience coverage. All you need is to create a TikTok account.

Also, this platform is very easy and effective for newly emerging brands to pull off organic outreach without breaking the banks. Isn’t it great?

Get versatile ads format using TikTok for business.

You can use various ads formats such as top views ads, brand takeover ads, in-feed ads, branded hashtag challenges and many more. By using any of the features, you can escalate to more audiences.

Easy to connect with potential audiences

It is very simple to promote your business and reach the target audience by starting a hashtag challenge. You can pick out any idea or theme and then stimulate users to make or recreate a video using the branded hashtag you created. It will thus help in increasing brand awareness and engagement.

using TikTok for business

How to promote brands using TikTok for business?

It is clear that using TikTok for business is worth your time and business, but before using consider these things first:

  • Do some research if your target audiences are on TikTok or not
  • If a large targeted audience use TikTok, then start creating content to promote the product or brand
  • Keep experimenting with contents and modify accordingly.
  • Audience segmentation and make videos accordingly.
  • By launching some branding hashtag challenges among users for wide coverage.
  • Make it simple and easily understandable.

Summing all up,

From 2020 the TikTok app has officially launched for business. Thus, it helps in increasing the outreach of business at minimal cost through ads campaign. Many businesses and brands are using this platform successfully. So, it is worth using TikTok for business.

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