Top Useful Websites of Nepal That Make Your Daily Life Easier

useful websites of Nepal

In the previous article, we have covered the Most Useful Nepali Apps to make your life better. In this post, we are talking about some of the Useful Websites of Nepal that are very useful in our daily life.

As the internet and technology grow, there are thousands of websites on the web ranging from eCommerce, utility, real-estate, Online tutor, Job portals, educational resources, classified sites and many more.

Some websites get millions of views but that might not necessarily be creative and solve the people’s problem whereas creative and unique websites not necessarily have many visitors. In this article, we are covering some of the websites that make our daily life easier. Let’s get started –

1. Khaalisisi.com

Khaalisisi.com is itself a unique idea started by Aayushi KC back in 2016. This website is all about collecting waste and recyclable things. It helps to maintain the gap the bridge between waste entrepreneurs and waste sellers. Khaalisisi accepts newspapers, books & magazines, cardboard, aluminum, soda & beer-cans steal furniture, metals, washing machine, scarp vehicles, CDs, computers & accessories, Batteries, etc. The price per quantity is defined as per their usefulness and recyclable scrap value.

Know more and find out how it works here

2. e-Sewa.com.np

Without a doubt, e-Sewa is one of the best and no #1 local payment gateway platforms running under the F1Soft Group. The app itself is one of the useful apps in Nepal. But web there are thousands of web users as well.

e-Sewa is in operation since 2009 and is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a Payment Service Provider. e-Sewa – Nepal’s first online payment gateway is a comprehensive online payment solution. With eSewa you can do mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, TV payment, Online travel ticketing, Online shopping, movies ticketing, school/ college fee payment, credit card payment, insurance premium and many more.

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3. Merojob.com

With the highest Alexa ranking in the country, Merojob is the no #1 job portal in Nepal with thousands of page views.

150,000+ success stories and 350,000+ job seekers are registered in Merojob till now. Along with the job site, Merojob is providing service to companies of all sizes to find the right fit using the most advanced technology in Nepal.

Mero Job Services includes Job Search, listing, Recruitment solutions to employers, Resource Center, Job Training, Workshop & Seminar, Career Counseling.

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4. Hamrobazaar.com

Hamrobazaar.com is FREE online classified which enables individuals as well as companies to list a wide variety of new or used products online. Hamrobazar.com believes that the Internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as a communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. Hamrobazar.com is a perfect solution that helps to list your products for free.

There is another online classified website which I personally found better is Fitkiri.com because of it’s easy to use features, better designs, and moderns designs. As of now, Hamrobazaar gets millions of page views a month because of it is old in the market.

When it comes to online classified portal, Internet Pasal also offers best platform to buy and sell any stuffs online. Use all InternetPasal features to find right thing at any convenient time.

5. Homesewa.com and SajiloSewa.com

If you are seeking for the home service, Homesewa.com may be the best option. It is a service-based website that helps to find house maintenance services, wedding services, business services, technical services, and other various customer-related services from the professionals. In this system, you can sign up as a service seeker or service provider. Using this system, you can choose the best service provider and can work with them.

There is a similar website in the market which is SajiloSewa.com.Sajilo Marmat Sewa is a one-stop maintenance solution to the households and business houses with the highest quality work from experienced technicians.

6. Hamrodoctor.com

In the list of Useful Websites of Nepal, Hamrodoctor.com is another useful website. It allows a user to consult with the doctor, to choose the right doctor and can get the best opinion for the specialist. Further, it provides the information of many doctors and health-related articles to support your health-related issues.

Hamro Doctor is the First Online Healthcare Service Provider from Nepal where patients can consult certified medical personnel and get additional health-related services along with other information related to health online.

7. Nepalidhobi.com

Nepalidhobi.com is a completely new service in the context of  Nepal. It is an online laundry and dry cleaning service to provide you with unmatched and unheard services. A team of young professionals dedicated to bringing you about change in how laundry is carried out, helping Nepalis get more time with loved ones. The team also offer free pick up and drop. Nepali Dhobi offers more than just laundry services – by making your clothes shine more than ever they help you feel more confident, dashing, graceful, and what not!

8. GatdetbyteNepal.com

GadgetByteNepal.com a blog related to gadgets, auto, tech news with thousands of readers every month. GadgetByte is the Leading Tech Review News Portal of Nepal that gives the users information, tools, and advice that will help them decide (with Buy Guides and Tech Guides) get the most out of the Tech.

Other similar websites techlekh.com, ktm2day.com.

9. Edusanjal.com

Edusanjal is a useful educational portal of Nepal providing all the educational resources in a single platform. This portal is very useful for students as well as parents and teachers.

Some facts about edusanjal

  1. Edusanjal is the first education website of Nepal to implement HSTS
  2. edusanjal launched Progressive Web Application (PWA) for the first time in Nepal.
  3. edusanjal is the official result publishing website of the Tribhuvan University Exam controller.

Other similar websites are edukhabar.com, educatenepal.com.

10. MetroTarkari.com

In the list of Useful Websites of Nepal metrotarkari.com is the name we should not miss out.It is Nepal’s 1st trusted online grocer, which is a one-click solution to your every day fresh vegetables, fresh fruits & grocery supplies. With a variety of your everyday kitchen supplies, you will find everything you are looking for right from fresh fruits and vegetables, Rice and Dals, Dairy products, Eggs, Meat & Seafood to packaged products-we have it all. The company delivers freshness at your doorstep in a day mainly supplying the best out of local farms. Choose from a wide range of options in every category, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest price. 

11. NepaliTelecom.com

NepaliTelecom is the one and only telecom new portal of Nepal which provides information on telecommunication industry of Nepal. Well, they are the pioneer for such telecom niche in Nepal. They are covering Telecom news, offers, Gadgets and Digital stuffs happening in Nepal from the year 2012. They also try to solve people’s telecom related problems by interacting them through Social media profiles (FB, twitter).


These is the list of useful websites of Nepal that make your daily life easy. With the rapid growth of the internet, more and more ideas are coming into the market every day. Check out these lists and tell us what you thought about it. Also, feel free to tell us about other useful websites that you personally found useful.