6 Unique Tea Shops In Kathmandu You Have To Visit

6 Unique Tea Shops In Kathmandu

A piping hot cup of tea is the favorite pastime for Nepalese. Functions and gatherings will never be complete without having a good cup of tea in Nepal. So, for a few years, different entrepreneurs have given exciting twists to the hot cup of tea with unique tea shops in Kathmandu.

Unique tea shops in Kathmandu have brought varieties to the tea-lover. So, here are the 6 different and exciting tea shops which will make a piping hot cup of tea fun, giving a new flavor and twist to it.

Unique tea shops in Kathmandu for tea-lover

Chiya Ghar 

Chiya Ghar, with the slogan “tea, friends and gossip”, has outlets in Pepsicola, Bhimsengola, Kumaripati and Putalisadak. They offer a variety of drinks menu including Matka tea, Masala tea, Chiyaccino etc. They also serve Himalayan tea.

However, the tea is made in usual utensils, but serving makes them unique tea shops in Kathmandu. But, the tea has a distinct earthy aroma as they serve in clay pot/ cups. And, tea lovers visit here primarily for Matka tea. Besides, Masala tea is another best option if you love the aroma of spices. For their menu, check here.

unique tea shops - Chiya Ghar

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Bamboo Tea at Bamboo Biryani

Although the place specializes in unique biryani, Bamboo tea has become a bestseller. The shop is located at Ratopul. And, you must be wondering what is special about the shop. Well, they prepare tea and biryani in pots made of bamboo.

 The tea boils inside bamboo to experience the bamboo shoot aroma making it one of the unique tea shops in Kathmandu. Many curious tea-lovers visit the shop to enjoy a sip of tea. However, you have to drink it fast as it cools quickly.

unique tea shops - Bamboo tea

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Following his father’s tea selling profession, the shop was established by famous Nepali film professional Ganesh Dev Pandey. Therefore, he has Ghanshyam special tea on the menu in the memory of his father.

 Besides, the shop offers over 30 different varieties of tea only a few kilometres away from Trivuban International Airport. So, it has become the place for all, including celebrities, intellects and politicians.

unique tea shops - Chiyawala

Chiya Adda – unique tea shops in Kathmandu

Chiya Adda is another unique tea shop in Kathmandu located at New Baneshwor and Lazimpat. The famous Nepali celebrity couple Mr Sanjog Koirala and actress Barsha Raut are the founders of the Chiya Adda.

With the aim of conserving our tea culture, Chiya Adda offers you special matka tea. Moreover, you can enjoy a hot sip of tea sitting in the swing.

unique tea shops - Chiya Adda

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Tandoori ChiyaHolic

Although recently established, Tandoori ChiyaHolic has become popular among Nepali tea lovers due to the appealing Indian Tandoori tea concept. The shop is located at Mid Baneshwor. From preparation to serving, clay cups are used at Tandoori ChiyaHolic, thus making it a unique tea shop in Kathmandu.

Tandoori ChiyaHolic

The first clay cups are to be heated red-hot in the oven to prepare the tea. And hot tea is poured over the red hot cups. Lastly, tea is served by transferring to small clay cups giving it a clayey smell and taste.

Ketali Chiya- unique tea shops in Kathmandu

Nepal has a long history of making and serving tea from special utensil, Ketali. If you want to revive the typical kettle tea, Ketali Chiya house is one of the best options.

Besides authentic Kettle tea, they offer delicious foods too. The shop is located at Shantinagar.

unique tea shops - Ketali tea shop

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 Summing all up,

Whether it is summer or winter, there is always a tea day for typical Nepalese. Therefore, we have listed six unique tea shops in Kathmandu. Visit these places if you want to add a twist to your tea time.

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