Top Rising Nepali Pop Stars that you must listen to.

Nepali Music Industry is evolving. Gone are the days when we had to rely on foreign music, Nepali music is getting better and better. With Nepali music video trending 1 on Youtube and Nepali songs are played more often than Bollywood and English songs, we can say our Nepali music industry is evolving. While there are many genres under Nepali Music Industry, In this article, we are going to talk about some top Rising Nepali Pop Stars that you must listen to.


Let’s talk about Nepali Pop Music. Well, 90s kids definitely remember the time where Nepali Pop had a golden period. There were so many Nepali pop musicians whose songs are still played on local radios and are evergreen. When we play antakshiri, these songs automatically come to our mouths without knowing. To name a few, The Uglyz, Sabin Rai, The edge band, Nabin K Bhattarai, 1974 AD, Nepathya band , Astha band are top contributors to Nepali Pop music.

But Nepali pop music had a downfall to the point Nepali wouldn’t listen to Nepali songs at all. But, the situation has gotten better now. Nepali Pop music was revived by some talented singers. To name a few, Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Sushant KC, Bikki Gurung, , Rohit John Chettri, Astha Tamang Maskey, Bipul Chettri, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Swopna Suman, Samriddhi Rai, etc revived the Nepali pop music.

In this article, we are talking about some new names in Nepali Pop Music who have the potential and are contributing to Nepali Pop Music.

1) Yabesh Thapa 

We probably have heard the song Lakhau Hajarau song lakhau hajarau times. Yabesh Thapa is a rising star in Nepali pop music. After gaining popularity and recognition for his debut song, he released songs like Jhari and Mayalu. He is signed under ClassX presentation.

2) VEK 

VEK is also a rising name in Nepali Pop Music. He is also signed under Class X presentation. With catchy songs like Lai Bari lai and Eklai Jiuna Sikey, VEK is gaining recognition for his contribution to Nepali Pop Music. He also collaborated with Yabesh Thapa and gifted us a beautiful song namely Mayalu.

3) Apurva Tamang 

Apurva Tamang is popularly known for his songs, Sano and Timrai Tira. Apurva used to cover songs on his Youtube channel and finally made a debut with the song Sano which was publically acclaimed and loved by the listeners.

4) Oasis Thapa 

Oasis Thapa is not an entirely new name but he still needs recognition for the amazing songs that he makes. He has numerous beautiful numbers such as Aparichit Bhawana, Sunna, Kalpana, Juni Vari lai, and Jani Najani. He is definitely a hidden gem in the industry we must look up to and he definitely deserves more recognition.

5)  Emerge band 

Well, you probably have heard, Maicha several times. The Newari song went viral for its catchy tune. The perfect epitome that good music has no language barrier. Emerge band had been producing beautiful songs before they went viral and is finally getting the recognition they deserved.

6) Kelsang Shrestha 

Kelsang Shrestha is also a rising name in the Nepali music industry. He also has some beautiful numbers like Timlai, Hune biruwa ko chillo paat, and Ma sanga hidideu.

7) 5:55 

You probably have heard the song Budi. The song with a catchy tune and rhyming words. 5:55 is a rising name in Nepali Pop Music with songs like Samadhi, Bhumari, Ago ko Jhilko.

8) Salil Maharjan 

Salil Maharjan debuted in the music industry with Chitta bujhaunu. The song was a massive hit and got him recognition and popularity in the industry.He also released songs like  Hajarau Bhawana and is definitely a rising star in Nepali Music Industry.

9) Varsha Thapa 

Varsha Thapa’s Maya is probably one of the best songs of 2020. The music video, the music, the vocal, and the emotions, the lyrics we can relate to. The song is soothing and is a blessing to the ears. She is definitely a rising star in Nepali Music Industry.

10 ) Dixita Karki

Dixita Karki is also a rising star in Nepali Music Industry. After posting different cover songs, Dixita debuted in the music industry with Timi Ra Ma also known as Papa Pugu song.

11) Tuna Bell Thapa 

Tuna Bell Thapa’s Bujhne lai was released quite ago but the music video recently came out that brought the song to the limelight and gave it the recognition it deserved. With this, Tuna Bell Thapa is definitely a rising song in the music industry.

12) Ankit Shrestha 

Ankit Shrestha is one of the underrated singers but definitely a rising star in Nepali Music Industry. He has some beautiful numbers such as Yaadharu, Eutai Aakash, etc.

13) Yugal Gurung 

Yugal Gurung is one of the underrated singers but is definitely a rising star. His songs are melodious and soothing. With beautiful songs like Afno sansar , timi , he is underrated but definitely will gain the recognition he deserves.

14) Arthur Gunn 

Arthur Gunn is definitely one of the rising stars in the Nepali music industry. He rose to fame after he participated in American Idol where he was runner up a finalist. The nyano ghar by Arthur Gunn one of the most popular songs.

15) Shaswot Khadka 

So, You remember the song Batash is getting viral like Batash with gaining over 1.5 million views in just a week. The song is beautiful and catchy.No wonder why this song became the fastest trending song. The song was released earlier but got recognition through Tiktok after the Batash Dance Challenge became the trend. The non-tiktokers also found this song through different social media and the song took up the internet like a storm. This makes Shaswot Khadka the rising star of the Nepali Music industry.

16. Ayush Gauchan

Ayush Gauchan’s Maya went viral on social media after he uploaded a raw version of the song on his Instagram. The song was well acclaimed and went trending. The song was short but melodious and catchy. After the popularity of his raw version, Ayush Gauchan finally released the full version of the song on his Youtube Channel.

These are the top rising stars in Nepali Pop Music who are paving their way and contributing to the industry with beautiful songs. Did we miss someone? Comment down below what you think about this and if anyone deserves to be on the list but has not been included. After all, sharing is caring 🙂

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