Top 10 Nepalese Handicrafts Products to Buy

Top 10 Nepalese Handicrafts Products to Buy

Nepal is a country of various cultures, diversities, religions, and languages. There are different mountains, rivers, and natural beauty places that have been a significant factor in making Nepal a popular tourist destination.

Yearly, many tourists visit Nepal and live among the people to know about their culture and traditions. When they go back to their country after visiting, they want to take different things from Nepal as a souvenir to themselves or their friends.

Today we are going to discuss various Nepali Handicraft Products which you can buy in Nepal.

1) Khukuri


Khukuri or Kukri is a traditional machete, used as a weapon or a daily-use tool in many parts of Nepal and India. The Khukuri is a national weapon of Nepal used by the famous Gurkhas (or Gorkhali Army).

Khukuri is a unique type of blade because of its curved shape, making it easier to slice through various daily-use things and the enemy’s head during war. It is a weapon used by all units and regimes of the Gurkhas. Khukuri is often used in various ceremonies like weddings, where the Groom carries the Khukuri as a Hindu tradition. Kukri Stand is also another option if you already have a Kukri.

2) Pashmina


Pashmina is one of the handicraft products having the highest demand in the Nepali market. The Persian translation of the word “Pashmina” is “Soft Gold” and is considered the softest, highly delicate, and fluffy fiber. The Pashminas are made with wool collected from the upper Himalayan mountain goats called “Chyangra.” Nepal is well-known for the high-quality pashmina found in various colors, designs, and shapes like shawls, sweaters, and scarfs.

3) Nepali Dhaka

Nepali Dhaka

Nepali Dhaka is regarded as a national symbol in Nepal, gaining popularity through the Dhaka caps popularly known as “Dhaka Topi”. However, Nepali Dhaka can be used in almost all cloth and has gained popularity in modern designs among various new dresses. Dhaka products are also used in traditional dresses for both men and women in Nepal. It has gained popularity in different weddings and other ceremonies. So, Dhaka can also be a good choice of handicrafts that are made from natural fibers.

Dhaka Products available in Nepal are Dhaka Topi (Caps), Waistcoats, Shawls, etc.

4) Thangka Paintings

Thanka Image Source - Hands of Tibet, LLC
Thanka Image Source – Hands of Tibet, LLC

Thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton, silk applique, mostly depicting various deities, scenes, or mandalas of Buddhism. Thangkas are kept on display on special occasions and are found in various shapes and sizes. And when not in use, they are rolled up and kept in Chinese scroll paintings style with a silk cover on the front.

Tibetan Thangka Paintings help show the life-journey of various influential figures of Buddhism like Bodhisattvas, Diety, and other lamas. This knowledge and journeys help spread the wisdom of Buddhism in Abhidharma teachings, the Art of Enlightenment.

5) Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are a type of bells that vibrates and produces a rich and deep tone when played with a mallet. Singing Bowls are also called Tibetan Bowls or Himalayan bowls and are well-known for promoting relaxation and offer powerful healing methods.

The Buddhist monks widely use them for practicing meditation, while other practitioners use the singing bowls for various treatment purposes. The healing power of singing bowls was a secret and only used by the Buddhists until people from other religions started to use them for healing purposes.

6) Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

prayer flags

A Tibetan prayer flag is a colorful rectangular cloth usually found along trails and the high Himalayas peaks. These flags are made of different colors like blue, red, white, yellow, and green. Prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.

These colors represent different elements of the Universe, such as air, water, fire, and earth. Nepali Sutras, which are commonly written on cloth banners, were transmitted to different world places as prayer flags. The Tibetans believe that the mantras in the flags will spread goodwill and compassion wherever the wind flows.

7) Nepali Handmade Statues

handmade staturs

As we all know, Nepal is a country of various cultures, traditions, and religions. We can find people celebrating different kinds of practices and speaking different languages throughout the country. Most people follow Hinduism and Buddhism, where there are different gods and goddesses and their different variations (i.e., Buddha). We can find various statues of many religions purely made by the human hands, especially Buddha’s most popular statues. Small sculptures of the deity are easy to carry and take back to the tourists’ country as a token of Nepal. These statues are mostly made using bronze, brass, clay, etc.

8) Nepali Masks

nepali masks

There are different arts and crafts in Nepal which are unique to the outside world. The Nepali masks are found according to various mythical creatures and cultures. These masks are worn during various ceremonies and occasions according to the traditions and places. Occasion during which these masks are worn is Lakhe dance and another religious mimicry.

These masks are mostly made using wood, and some also use clay which has different carvings and designs with colors. Some also use cotton, paper, brass, bronze, clay, and other traditional materials.

9) Nepali Jewelry

nepali jewelry

Jewelry is often known to be a way of winning women’s hearts. Kathmandu is well-known for its jewelry and arts of silver and gold. Nepali jewelry comes in various designs and shapes like earrings, bangles, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Anyone who wants to have jewelry as a unique piece to their ornaments can buy them, which might have stones studded. You can find readymade or custom-made jewelry items, or you can also purchase different varieties of local beads to prepare your own necklace.

10) Nepali Tea

nepali tea

Nepal is a country famous for tea (Chiya: चिया) and tea gardens. The eastern hillsides of the country are best known for a sweet and tasty tea. In Nepal, tea is served in the early morning, during the daytime snacks, or whenever you get the urge to drink it.

Tea is regarded to have various health benefits and provide refreshments. You can find many tea varieties with a different price range in tea shops in Kathmandu and mostly the eastern parts.

So, you can always take a pack of tea back home and enjoy the Nepali flavors in your own country.

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