Top 10 Tech blogs of Nepal (in 2021)

You cannot deny the fact that technology has welded to our lives. With the rapid development of technology, there is a high need to be updated on the tech news either it is the newest model laptop or the newest version software available, we need to update ourselves to the increasing pace of the technology, or else we would be left behind. Don’t worry, you can catch up on the tech news in the tech niche. Here, we have listed the top 10 tech blogs of Nepal where you can find all the information about the tech world.

1) GadgetByteNepal

Gadgetbytenepal is one of the leading tech blogs of Nepal. It is tech news portal which provides the technology News, reviews, price & more about Smartphone, Laptop, Tablets, Drones, Camera & Apps to its the user. The unbiased reviews of the tech gadgets on the site are what make it a popular stop before buying any tech product. The blog also has a youtube channel under the same name where they make videos on similar content. The site aims in providing reliable and unbiased information on tech gadgets.

2) Techlekh

TechLekh is one of the leading technology media primarily focusing on startups. It aims in representing the ideas and innovation for the Nepali market. It also provides information related to smartphones, laptops, and other tech gadgets. It is the one-stop for all the tech activities that happen throughout Nepal.

3) TechPana 

Tech Pana is an IT online Nepali magazine in the native language that aims in providing different news related to IT in Nepal. The blog covers the content related to Gadgets, Telecom, Startup, Social media, and technology. It also aims to awaring people about cybercrime and cyber law through different contents related to it.

Recently TechPana is one of the fastest growing online portals in Nepal.

4) Gadget Frame 

Gadget Frame is one of the emerging tech blogs of Nepal. It covers all sorts of tech news including gadgets reviews, price guides, games, and so on. It updates on the launch and price of the gadget and compares the specifications side by side. If you are in a dilemma to buy between two smartphones or any gadgets, you can pay a visit to this site to compare them side by side and to decide which one you’d like to go for.

5) ICTFrame

ICT Frame is an online tech magazine that provides several contents related to IT. The magazine provides the content both in a native and international language. It covers the tech contents on the tech events happening in Nepal and covers on advancement and challenges in IT in Nepal. It aims in helping out Nepalese youths by providing different perspectives regarding the development of Information Technology in Nepal.

6) TechSansar

TechSansar provides the content right for the tech lover. It provides amazing content on IT such as computer tricks, the latest tech news, and gadgets review. It aims in assisting and contributing to building the thriving startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal while increasing digital literacy at the same time.

7) Blogortech

BlogorTech is a unique tech platform where you can find the reliable review of android apps and other resources required for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers. The site also updates the tech events happening in Nepal and also provides different content based on tech. The blog aims to promote the Nepali startup ecosystem both nationally and globally.

8) Nepali Telecom

Nepali Telecom as the name suggests is focused on the telecom-related content blog. The site provides any news related to telecommunication. It also provides tutorials to access the service and inform the user about the prevailing offers of the telecom service providers. It also updates about the mobile phones and other contents related to ISP in Nepal.

9) Tech Saathi

Tech Sathi is one of the emerging tech blogs of Nepal. The site aims in providing content on all the tech-related fields. It covers gadget launches, tech events, and tech offers. The blog also covers start-up stories and provides a guide to aspiring tech entrepreneurs. It also provides honest and unbiased reviews on the available tech gadgets to help you decide on what you need to purchase based on your requirement.

10) Tech Info

Tech info is the tech niche blog that provides you with information related to tech subfields. It updates on gadget launches, tech events, and tutorials. It also gives you information on auto, games and provides you with its comparison and price.

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