Trending TikTok viral places of Nepal no one knew before

Nowadays, TikTok has become the complete source of entertainment, information and knowledge. There is no better platform if you prefer to keep updated yourself. Before TikTok, we used to have limited bucket lists of travel destinations. But it has unraveled many beautiful hidden places of Nepal where people could not resist going there. Thus, TikTok viral places of Nepal has also added value to local tourism.  

When someone posts a video about new places within a few days, it becomes viral. A swarm of people start to go there and share their experiences. Therefore, more people get to know about the beauty of hidden places through TikTok. And, here are some of the must-go trending TikTok viral places of Nepal no one knew before.

Trending TikTok viral places of Nepal

1.     Manahunkot Dada

Manahunkot is located in Tanahu district. But, no one knew about the place until it was posted on TikTok. The breathtaking sunrise over the top of soaring clouds from Manahunkot was able to intrigue many people. People could not resist the heavenly beauty; that is why it became viral all over TikTok.

The local government is planning on making view top on Manahunkot Dada, considering the large flow of local tourists.

2.     Bahubali waterfall

One of the trending TikTok viral places of Nepal is Bahubali waterfall or also popular as Tindhare waterfall. It is situated in Kafal Dada, Kavre district. 

 The height of the waterfall is 300 meters, and water is falling from three main streams, thus named as Tindhare. It resembles the waterfall from the movie “Bahubali”, thus grabbing more attention from people.

According to locals, rarely people used to go there before becoming viral in TikTok. But, nowadays, people from different places of Nepal come to Kafal Dada only to see the magnificent Bahubali waterfall.

3.     Malpokhari Daldale Daha- Tiktok viral places of Nepal

You must have seen people uploading videos dancing and jumping on the wobbly grass field. The name of the place is Malpokhari Daldale Daha and is located at Lalitpur. The place became viral when a girl uploaded a video of two girls running on the waterbed-like a grassy field.

Nowadays, many people come here to make TikTok and to get a new experience. It seems it was formed by the trapping of water beneath the grassy land as in lawn blister. But, the exact reason is still not known.


4.     Gundu, Bhaktapur – Plane crash Location

One of the TikTok viral places of Nepal lies in Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur. Unlike the name, only a model crashed plane is placed there. And, it was placed there to train armies to prepare them in an emergency like a real plane crash.

Besides the plane crash model, overwhelming greenery will surely melt your heart. Just by sitting there for a few minutes, you will feel calm and relaxed. The beautiful scenery will definitely soothe both the eye and soul.

5.     Swing café Basantapur – Tiktok viral places of Nepal

Another thing that TikTok made trending is Swing Café Basantapur. It is entirely a new concept in Nepal where you can enjoy snacks being on the swing. It’s like dreamland and a fun place to be.

6.     Mirror maze

Mirror maze, another trending place on Tiktok, lies in two different locations, Chabahil, Kathmandu and Kumarpati, Lalitpur. After seeing the videos on Tiktok, a lot of people come here to enjoy the puzzle. As finding ways along the series of mazes made from mirrors can be fun.

7.     3D picture museum -Kathmandu Mall, Sundhara

One of the trending Tiktok viral places of Nepal is the recently opened 3 D picture museum, located on Kathmandu Mall on the fifth floor. Here, you can experience an illusive world. Each art of the museum is intriguing and pleasing. You can create digital memories with the 3D art of Shanghai, the Seven Wonders, Everest Base Camp, the Eiffel tower and many more.  

8.     Umbrella streets

Last but not least, the colorful setup of umbrellas on the street became a sensation in TikTok. Besides Kathmandu, Pokhara, Itahari, Dharan, Chitwan and many other cities constructed the umbrella streets following the trends and craze.

Umbrella streets

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