10 weird things that are banned in Nepal 

10 Weird Things That Are Banned In Nepal

Nepal is a liberal country, but you might be shocked knowing about things banned in Nepal. Over a year, the government has labeled different activities and things unethical and prohibited in the name of public welfare.

If you are in Nepal, then here are the things to avoid getting arrested.

10 things banned in Nepal

 1. Things banned in Nepal- Crypto currency

In today’s tech-savvy world, the importance and trend of crypto-currency are rising across the globe. But, in the case of Nepal, crypto currency is still considered as an unethical act.

Weird Things That Are Banned In Nepal - cryptocurrency

2. Red Bull Energy Drink:

We all are familiar with a specific kind of energy drink that used to be available in the market a few years back. But, the Nepal government banned it two years ago in 2019.

You must be wondering why? Well, the government banned the Red Bull due to public health concerns. So, you won’t get these energy drinks nowadays in the market. Further, if anyone tries to sell, they will be charged.

red bull

3. Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the wonders of science as many couples who cannot conceive naturally can also have their biological child. But, among many  surrogacy is also considered illegal in Nepal.

Nepal Supreme Court banned this unique technique in 2015, claiming it unethical.

Weird Things That Are Banned In Nepal - Surrogacy

4.Things banned in Nepal-Dukati

Bikes, including other vehicles, come under luxury items, and government charge huge taxes among them. However, among many things banned in Nepal, the Dukati bike is one.

But, it was banned for a short period because it was creating  sound pollution from their loud exhaust system.

5. Walkie- Talkies

The government strictly regulates the import of walkie-Talkies to prevent haphazard import by anyone. So technically speaking, one should have a license to import Walkie-talkies; otherwise, he will be punished.

Moreover, the use of Walkie-Talkies is also regulated. And, you can even have to go to jail if you spy on people’s frequencies.


6. Porn sites

Nepal’s Law defines pornography as illegal and unethical. With the rise of sexual violation and rape cases, the government had banned porn sites in Nepal a few years ago.

However, the problem is rising even more.

7. Things banned in Nepal- Smoking in a public area

The Nepal government banned smoking in public areas to ensure great healthy living among people. But, this Law is only on paper. Many irresponsible people are imparting others’ health by still smoking in public.

smoking in public area

8. Foreign liquor

Foreign liquor is one of the things banned in Nepal. After the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, the Nepal government had restricted the import of foreign liquor to cope with the economic crisis.

9. Foreign investment in media platforms

According to the Law, foreign investment on media platforms such as television, radio, prints, online news portal etc., are prohibited. It was done to ensure a free and liberal press. However, the lack of strict regulation encouraged foreign people to invest and own media.

10.  Beef meat

The cow is a National animal in Nepal. Besides, it also has religious importance. So, a beef meat is strictly unethical and is banned in Nepal.

Beef meat

 Summing all up,

These are the 10 things that are considered illegal in Nepal. However, how effectively these are followed remains the government’s primary challenge.

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