The trend of hot and spicy noodles in Nepal , Who is the winner ?

The Korean spicy and fire noodles took the world with the storm with the viral trend of eating the 2x noodles. It was a viral challenge trend in social media that skyrocketed the demand and export of Korean spicy noodles all around the world.

Nepal was also affected by the trend and Many Nepalese started to consume these hot and spicy noodles from Korea. However, the noodle was way too expensive for Nepalese to afford. It cost more than Rs. 200 for Nepalese who buy noodles at Rs 20. Asian Thai Foods saw an increasing demand for spicy ramen and the opportunity in that. This lead to the launch of Nepal’s first hot and spicy noodles, 2 PM Akabare Chicken. The company adopted the viral marketing strategy and started the spicy 2 pm Akabare chicken challenge trend. Social media influencers such as Youtuber, food vloggers started the challenge

The trend was all over Nepal and this rapidly increased the sales of 2 pm Akabare chicken. People started to call it Nepali Ramen and a cheap substitute for the Korean spicy ramen. The sales of the noodle boosted making it one of the fastest-selling noodles. But, the rise in sales also meant that other food companies were also keeping eye on this and were preparing to put their hand on the same niche.

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Shortly, Yashoda Food PVT Ltd, which had Lali noodles, introduced Current Noodles into the town. The same spicy and hot noodles but with the dried vegetable alike the Korean spicy ramen. 2 pm Akabare didn’t have that dried vegetable. Current Noodle got that bonus point to offer a dried vegetable packet, spicy powder, and the oil at the same price of 2 PM Akabare. People started switching to Current because of course, they would get one extra packet of dried vegetables at the same price for the same product.

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The competition started to get tougher as other food companies also launched spicy noodles one by one .ABC noodles also launched the spicy noodles and so did the Gazzabko noodles. The market seeing similar noodles with Hotpot, Magmag Akabare, and so on. The King of Noodles in Nepal, Wai wai would definitely not keep quiet. So, it launched Korean Waiwai fusion noodles with the same theme of hot and spicy.


  • 2 PM Akabare Chicken
  • 2 PM Korean Ramen
  • 2 PM Akabare Veg Curry
  • Current Hot and Spicy
  • Current Hot and Lemon
  • Current 2X spicy
  • ABC 2x hot and spicy
  • Mug Mug Akabare
  • Hot pot Korean ramen spicy
  • Wai Wai Korean Fusion
  • Gazzabko Samurai


Well, the trendsetter 2 pm Akabare and Current noodle are the most demanded hot and spicy noodles. The current noodles and 2 pm Akabare has necktie competition with one another whereas the latter competitor seems way far from the main competitors. Both 2 pm and Current launched three products which are popular and on-demand. The current noodle is even set to launch in India.

The latter could not sell in the market and were just trying to copy the competitor and to just follow the trend. Most of them failed terribly, one being the Wai Wai Korean fusion, which only tried to follow the trend and launched the product. Out of all, It tastes horrible. It was way too salty and not spicy at all. The noodles were the same as normal waiwai and just the seasoning was different. Wai Wai Korean fusion failed terribly and now sells at 2 for one price, but people still don’t buy it.