The story of the man who died once will leave you in tears.

Herne Katha is a web series that tells the video stories of ordinary people in the format of short documentaries. It recently released its episode 51 which tells the story of the man who died once.

The story revolves around the story of two families living on the east and west of Nepal and how fate intervenes in bringing happiness to one and sorrow to the other. It is a story of life and death, unimaginable sorrows, surprises, and some measure of comfort and happiness. The documentary won the Best Documentary Award at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF 2018).

The documentary is directed by Bidhya Chapagain and Kamal Kumar.

The real story of the two families has been presented beautifully in the documentary. This real incident depicts the condition of foreign employment in Nepal . It tells the untold stories of the youths that leave their families for a bright future and return to the country wrapped in plastics in dark coffins.The story shows the unconditional love of mother and wife.

KUDOS to the entire team of Herne Katha for bringing such real unexplored stories.



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