The history on the sweating of Bhimsen Idol.

It is believed that the sweating of the Bhimsen idol in Dolakha is a sign that something bad is going to happen. After the sweat beads are seen, prompt puja by the head of state for the atonement worship is done in order to seek forgiveness from Lord Bhimsen. This might be a mere myth but the history on the sweating of Bhimsen Idol provides strong evidence that every time there is perspiration, something big has definitely happened.

The historian believes that the Bhimsen idol perspiring is a sign of an upcoming disaster or turmoil in the country. The past shows that the idol has perspired before a turmoil in the country and thus, people believe that the perspiration of the Bhimsen idol is the warning to people that something bad is going to happen.

Here is the history of the sweating of Bhimsen Idol and the major events that took place.

1990 B.S: The 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit the nation

1997 B.S: Four Martyrs hung to death

2007 B.S: The 104 year of Ranarchy came to end.

2011 B.S :  King Tribhuwan died

2019 B.S: Huge flood and landslides hit the country

2028 B.S : King Mahendra died

2045 B.S: Multiparty democracy established

2057 B.S: Royal Massacre

2061 B.S: People movement II started

2063 B.S: Nepal was declared a republic country

2072 B.S:  The 7.8 magnitude earthquake/ Constitution of Nepal

2074 B.S: The provincial elections

2076 B.S: Corona

2078 B.S:  ??

Most people link the perspiration as something bad is going to happen but it’s not always the same case. History shows that some good things also happened. Good things such as the end of the Ranarchy, the Panchayat system or the provincial elections, and the Constitution of Nepal. If the perspiration means some sort of change is going to happen, we must wait for that change, let’s hope for the good change 🙂