The blind date season 2 Nepal soon streaming on Television: How to participate in the show?

The blind date season 2 Nepal soon streaming on Television

The most popular reality show ‘The Blind Date Nepal season 2’ will soon be on screen. And, this time, there are chances you might be able to see the show on mainstream television. How many of you are excited about this show?

The first season of The Blind Date reality show became a huge success and ended a few months ago. With that, audiences are waiting for the next season’s announcement date. The winner of season 1 were C-LU Pokhrel and Kiran Khati Aka Goldie.

The audition for Blind date Nepal season 2 has already begun. And, if you are interested, you can also participate. So, keep reading to get the latest update about blind date season 2 and the criteria to participate in the show. 

Will Blind Date Nepal season 2 be on mainstream TV?

The first season of the blind date reality show was aired through YouTube and amazingly became a huge success. Reports suggest show director Roshan Dahal got plenty of offers through different television channels after the show’s success. The news is shocking as no one expected it to happen suddenly.

The blind date reality show will be mainstream through Himalayan Television from season 2. It is also a big turn in the Nepali television entertainment field. It is because no TV channels have brought such a concept. The blind date was the first reality show in Nepal through the Youtube platform.

The show director hinted the show would go through some changes. Watching the ‘Blind Date Nepal Season 2’ on television seems quite inconceivable; however, here we are. Although, there is still debate on whether the blind date reality show is real or scripted. There were several rumors that the show fooled the audiences. Let’s hope season 2 will not disappoint the viewers.

The first season of the blind date show was full of dramas and dirty jokes. And, the wacky and unique costume of the director Roshan Baral had added another charm. But all of this stuff might have to be cut if the show starts mainstreaming on television to avoid censorship. We can’t say what exact changes will be in season 2, but we can wait for the show.

Blind date will be streaming on Himalayan TV

How to participate in The Blind Date Nepal Season 2?

Audition for blind date Nepal season 2 is already begun. The official Facebook page of blind date Nepal has also announced the selection criteria and requirements for the auditions. The total number of male and female contestants should be 5 each for season 2.

So, if you want to participate in Season2, send a short video or a paragraph mentioning why you want to participate in the show. Participating candidates should be single or have ended any relationship with their exes. Similarly, candidates should be above 18 years.

If you want more information about the audition, visit the ‘Superhit Cinema Nepal’ page.

Summing up all,

Until the show gets aired, it’s hard to mention what changes ‘The Blind Date season 2’ will go through. However, it will be interesting to see how the broader viewers will react to the concept because mostly youths watched the previous show. Now, it will be watched by both the younger and older generation.

How many of you are waiting for season 2? Please let us know in the comment section.

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