Nepal listed among 6 small countries that are excellent for filming

Hollywood Insider, a popular global media portal, published an article for the list of 6 small countries that are excellent for filming. Nepal makes it to the list as one of the... Read more »

7 Reasons why the British never colonized Nepal

During the 18th century, most of the countries in the world were colonized by the British empire. However, Nepal remains one of the few countries which was never colonized by the British... Read more »

10 interesting theories and legends on how Nepal got its name .

Nepal is said to be one of the oldest nations in Asia. Some references to Nepal have been found in the famous Hindu epic “The Mahabharata”, Purans, Buddhist scriptures, various chronicles, Thyasaphus,... Read more »
Reasons to visit Nepal once in a life

20 Best Reasons to Visit Nepal Before You Die!

Nepal is a country of colors and contrasts. It is a hidden Shangri-la of nature, culture, and adventures. There is perhaps no other country on Earth that is home to such contrast... Read more »

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