7 Best street foods you must try if you are in Kathmandu

7 Best street foods of Kathmandu

Have you ever been to Kathmandu, or planning to visit there? Besides monumental temples and beautiful places, the streets of Kathmandu offer the most delicious foods that will definitely satisfy your tummy. And, we have come up with the best street foods of Kathmandu that you must try while being here. 

The country Nepal is not only rich in cultural diversity but also equally rich in mouthwatering delicacy. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is the perfect fusion of every culture, and so is the food.

7 best street foods of Kathmandu

1. Newari pizza – Chatamari 

If you are in Kathmandu, there is no way you should miss the traditional Newari delicacy, Chatamari. Newari people used to prepare it during auspicious occasions, but now you can easily find it in the eateries and stalls around the streets of Kathmandu. It is made up of rice, thus also known as rice pancake. These crispy pancakes are served with topping with eggs or with cheese. 


2. Momos 

Momos are the most popular snacks among Nepalese. You can easily find it in the stalls or carts around the streets of Kathmandu. They will offer you the varieties such as Jhol momo, fried momos, stem momo, sea momo and many more. 

Moreover, it is one of the delicious and most popular street foods of Kathmandu and Nepal. The dumplings are also of different shapes, from round to elongated and prepared by stuffing meat or vegetables inside the wheat flour. It is served with ‘Chatani’ or sauces, which enhances its taste even more.



3. Popular street foods of Kathmandu- Samosa

Samosa, Indian traditional food, is another popular snack found in the streets of Kathmandu. It is famous all over the country. The crispy outer layer is of flour  filled with mashed potato. Besides potatoes, nowadays you can find samosas filled with chicken and mutton. 

Further, stuffing with onions, pea, green chillis, garlic, and coriander adds to the taste to another level. When served along with special Nepali chutney made up of tomato and coriander adds up spice to the taste buds.

Samosa – street foods of Kathmandu

4. Panipuri 

Panipuri is the most common street food readily available in almost every part of Asian subcontinents. You can either have spicy or sweet panipuri. Hollow round crispy fried Puris complements the flavored water. 

Almost every Nepalese love to have panipuri. Besides it, you can also savor yourself with Dahi Puris, another street food in Kathmandu. In Dahipuri curd is used instead of water.


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5. Street foods of Kathmandu- Selroti

Selroti is the typical traditional food made up of rice flour. In Nepal, Dashain, Tihar and other special occasions can never be complete without sweet and crispy Selroti. However, you can easily find these in the food stalls in almost every part of Nepal.  

Further, it is also famous as a Nepalese doughnut. It has reddish-brown colour prepared with rice. It is the best snack when served with tea.

Selroti- street foods of Kathmandu
Selroti- street foods of Kathmandu

6. Lakhamari 

Streets of Kathmandu offers a variety of flavors from spicy to sweet. In addition, Lakhamari is one of the best street foods in Kathmandu for all sweet tooth’s. It is specially prepared during the wedding and other occasions. Besides, it has great importance in Newari culture. 

The main ingredients required for making it are flour, sugar and butter. Crunchy and flaky textured Lakhamari has become popular amidst all ethnic groups of Nepal. 

Lakhamari street food of Kathmandu
Lakhamari street food of Kathmandu/ Pic- Ram Maharjan

7. Choila 

If you are a non-vegetarian and looking for something new to savor your taste buds with a new flavor, you must try Choila, popular street food in Kathmandu. It is originally Newari cuisine, which is grilled buffalo meat. The hot and spicy Choila are served along with rice flakes (Chiura). 

Nowadays you can get in various kinds of meats like chicken, mutton and duck besides buffalo thus increasing more demand.

Choila - street foods of Kathmandu
Choila – street foods of Kathmandu

These are the seven most popular and delicious street foods of Kathmandu that you must try in your life. 

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