“Share Gyan” Helps You to Enter in Nepali Share Market

Share Gyan is helping Nepali Share Market beginners

Share Gyan, as its name suggests it is all about stock market knowledge or in other word, share market knowledge. A Facebook page started with the sole aim of teaching people how to enter in Nepali share market. Share Gyan is now one of the most loved Facebook page and Youtube Channel and Instagram page among the stock market enthusiasts as it offers quality, easy to understand and visually appealing contents throughout the social media.

One core feature of this page is its simplicity and easy to understand the complex terms. There are lots of terminologies that make new investors confused while entering in the stock market. So, this page simply explains the stock basics and complex terms in easy way. Also, page shares informative and alert content about upcoming IPO,FPO and NEPSE related news and notices.

Within the short span of time, this page and Youtube Channel has been able to teach hundreds of new investors in Nepali stock market. Share Gyan also answers the questions asked by the followers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Youtube comments. So, if you are beginner and want to start investing in Nepali Stock Market but do not know how to start, then you can follow Share Gyan on all social media channels.

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What Makes Share Gyan Difference From Other Pages

Share Gyan has been able to stand out as the number of stock market related pages has mushroomed in recent times. The following reasons makes Share Gyan unique from other:

  1. Thorough research on content – Authentic & genuine information from the authentic sources
  2. Minimalist design – Explained more by little content
  3. Visually appealing – clean and easy to understand posts
  4. Engaging content – post that engage followers in someway
  5. Quick response – followers can get the answers ASAP, whatever they ask in messages and comment section

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