Blogging Scope, Future and Earning in Nepal

Advantages of blogging

I know the term blogger or blog is not that familiar to many normal people. Yes, I know. Even I did not know who bloggers really are. It’s just been more than a year that I come to know about blogs and blogging. I was curious about what actually bloggers do. Slowly I started to dive into the blogging world.

I started many blogging sites including my personal website [all of them flopped but of course I learned a lot]. There are lots of things to consider before start blogging. I will be sharing all the details about blogging journeys.

I will do a SWOT analysis of blogging in the coming days. Which will help you to be a successful blogger in terms of technical and creative perspective!

But today, I am going to share 10 advantage of being a blogger according to my personal point of view. The lists may not match exactly what you think. Again, I am saying it’s my personal experience.

1. You reach a million people

advantages of bloggingBlogging is all about writing. Your article will reach thousands of millions of people. I know many people who start their blogging because they want to reach global people. There are billions of people on the internet. If you write a good article and maintain good marketing, then I guaranty your article will be viral overnight. One thing you need to have sound SEO [Search Engine Optimization] skill to index in major search engines including Google, Bing, etc.

2.Improve your writing skills

advantages of blogging

Once you start writing, your writing skills slowly start to improve. Most people choose WordPress as a blogging platform. You have many advantages of using WordPress as blogging. One of them in it is rich in plugins. Grammarly is a great tool that lets you improve your English grammar and spelling. Another example may be Yoast SEO.

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3.Broaden your knowledge

advantages of blogging

Regular blog posting will increase your knowledge. You need to research a lot of things before writing an article. Ultimately you come up with the best content. Slowly you will know lots of new things. You are covering the various area of topics so you will have knowledge about those things.

4.Enhance technical knowledge

advantages of blogging

Having a blog is like you have your child to take care of. You will have lots of responsibilities from securing the website to regular maintenance. Having a blog is not only about writing and posting. A lot of technical stuff comes along.

5. You know how to market

advantages of blogging

You know marketing is everything today. It does not matter how great the content you write, it will not work until you market yourself and your content. You learn how to market your content slowly.

6. Make money while writing

moneyThis is my favourite one!

You will make money while blogging. Yes! I am right. So far I know there are some bloggers who start blogging as a hobby. But this is not as easy as we hear. You need to take lots of things to consider. Like SEO marketing. If your content reaches to many audiences and has good traffic, then you will get a sponsor. Another way to make money is by putting an AdSense banner on your blog.

Although this is a very controversial topic to talk about, I would say 95% of people do blogging while keeping money in mind. Back in time, people used to write random stuff and post it online. But now the definition of blogging is changed. Now people make millions just from blogging.  I will talk about commercial blogging on another website.

Some of the million-dollar  niche bloggers are

and lists go on and on …..

In the context of Nepal, there are two of the main bloggers whom I follow

7. Increase your PR

personal relationshipComing up in number 7, I think blogging increases your personal relationships. Your connection with other blogger and content writer slowly expand. I know there are many friends of mine who blog on a regular basis. This is all happens automatically because you have similar kinds of hobbies and nature.

8. Be productive

Be Productive

Once you have spare time, you sit in front of your computer and write whatever comes to your mind. Instead of wasting your time on social media, you can utilize your time. Being a blogger this might be one great advantage.

9. You make People aware

advantages of blogging

I want to write about those topics which are controversial and misleading notices. I want to clarify mass in the best possible way. So, I do a lot of research before clarifying a specific topic. Ultimately my aim is to aware people from being cheated and fooled, I use blogging as a good platform.

10. Solve problems

advantages of blogging

People are searching for a solution. Whatever topic you cover, it is solving someone’s problem or at least inform them about what they seeking. People are consuming and sharing your article because it solves their problems.


Wrapping up the content, I would say blogging is a modern way of communicating with audiences. You have nothing to lose blogging, instead, you learn hundreds of things. So, start blogging today!

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