Sajja Chaulagain | Biography, Songs, Nepal Idol Season 3

NameSajja Chaulagain
Birth Date4th December 1997
Birth PlaceKathmandu, Nepal
Height5 ft 3 inches
AlmamaterEast Pole Higher Secondary School
AffiliationsNepal Idol Season 3 ( Winner)
The loading band ( Main Vocal)
Known as Nepal Idol Season 3 Winner
DebutGulab Sari
Sajja Chaulagain is the winner of Nepal Idol Season 3. She is the first woman to win the Nepal Idol. Popular from her audition, Sajja’s mesmerizing vocals and her versatility as a singer landed her in becoming the winner of the show. She is also a rising singer in the music industry.


Sajja Chaulagain was born on 4th December 1997 in Kathmandu, Nepal. She was born as the first child to her mother Geeta Chaulagain and her father Tanka Bahadur Chaulagain. Her hometown is Pathari, Morang. She also has a younger brother named Sabin Chaulagain. Sajja’s father had to eventually return back from abroad after suffering from chronic disease. After which, the financial condition started to deteriorate in the family. In order to survive, her mother had to go abroad and earn the money for the family.

Sajja with her father


Sajja was good at studies and her parents wanted her to become a doctor. But with the deteriorating financial condition of the family, Sajja gave up the idea of becoming a doctor. But there was something she wanted to do and something that she was good at. Sajja was good at singing from her young age. She used to participate in singing competitions and win the award for amazing vocal.

Sajja started to perform in clubs and lounges as a band member of The loading band. She was known for her unique vocals that were appreciated by many people.

May be an image of 6 people, people standing and people playing musical instruments
Sajja with her bandmates



Sajja Chaulagain participated in Nepal Idol Season 3. She amazed the judges and audience with her amazing vocal skills. She was one of the popular and strong contestants in the show. She received a standing ovation from judges and the audience for almost every song she performed. She sang different genres in the show and nailing each one of them. Her unique vocals and versatility as a singer made her the winner of Nepal Idol Season 3.


After winning Nepal Idol, Sajja received a lot of offers for the song recording. She then released songs such as Sustari, Galti 2, Khusi Umanga, ke yesto maya basyo ni , afno katha and so on.


  • She is the main vocal of the band called The loading band and used to perform in pubs and lounges.
  • She is a member of the Lions Club of Kathmandu.
  • She was a safe member in Nepal Idol Season 3 with no risk of elimination till the end.
  • She received a standing ovation for almost every song she performed.
  • She loves performing rock genre.



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