Sagoon Mobile App To Be Launched In January

sagoon mobile app

Sagoon– A social commerce site founded by Govinda Giri is set to launch its first ever mobile app in Jan 9th 2018. At first, app will be available only in Android app store. The app will be launch from New Delhi, India in the presence of some distinguished guests from Nepal and India.

According to Kabindra Sitaula, Co founder of Sagoon, there will be some Bollywood artists, reputed IT personalities as well as some politicians from India in the  Sagoon mobile app launch grand event . Although, Sagoon is a Delaware, USA-based corporation, Sagoon is doing majority of its development work from the Sagoon India Pvt. Ltd.

The first version of Sagoon mobile app will have mainly three features, Mood Talk, Open/Secret messaging and Mood Talk. Sagoon will soon be adding more features for its app in coming days. Sagoon has not been able to add extra features in the website for long time. sagoon

Sagoon have already tested the demo version on the mobile app in September.They have expected to grab the attention of the Sagoon user after launching mobile version.

Sagoon is preparing to unveil a Social Smart Card. The smart card will collect the money earned through the Sagoon social site. The card balance can be redeemed by purchasing gifts and online shopping. Company believes that the concept of Social Smart Card will be the game changer of the company.

Visit Sagoon official website: Sagoon




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