Russia World-cup 2018 Fears Hooligans And Racism

Word-cup 2018


Word-cup 2018

The world’s greatest footballing event, the world cup begins in June 14. The world is excited and waiting
at the edge of the seat. Speculations have already begun about who the winner might be and what
might be the result. Football fanatis’s most wildest moment is almost here. In such a moment of time,
there has come forward some factors that might hamper the biggest tournament of the world :
hooligans and racism.
Russia is not unfamiliar with hooligans and racism. Several clubs have been punished in the past for their
racist behavior and even the fans of several clubs were barred from the stadium time and again.
Recently, CSKA Moscow, the most famous Russian club was charged in racism about their tweet and was
punished. We all very clearly remember the racism that happened during the UEFA champions league
matches. This sort of trend in Russia has induced a fear that the world cup might get effected in the
same way. There is fear that in the world’s biggest sporting event, such a nasty behavior might be seen.
Another less talked but more fearful problem is hooligans. In Russia, it is reported that the hooligans are
preparing and are being prepared by certain organizations in target of the world cup. They have been
trained to fight and riot. This might cause a huge problem and fear not only to the players but also to
the visitors and supporters.
Along with these, the constant allegations about the doping amongst the Russian athletes have made
the job of Fifa rather hard than it already is. Fifa needs to make sure that doping is checked not only for
Russian footballers but all around the world.
Although Russia has been constantly assuring the world that racism, hooligans and doping will not be a
problem, the world has not been convinced. Along with the threat from terrorist organization like Isis,
these problems might ruin the greatest carnival of the beautiful game. The world must unite along with
Russia to solve and prepare for these problems and make the game a grand success.

Article by
Arun Kumar Bastola