Man Behind The Nepal’s No 1 Page “Routine of Nepal Banda”

admin of routine of nepal banda

About Routine of Nepal Banda

Routine of Nepal Banda also known ad RONB in Nepali social media is one of the biggest Facebook pages in Nepal. With over 20 lakhs (2 Million) Facebook followers and more than 8,40,000 followers on Instagram (as of August 2020), it has been continuously been providing the latest update happening in Nepal.

Routine of Nepal banda

The page was randomly created in May 2011 just to inform people about Nepal Banda “Strikes in Nepal”. At that time, a lot of strikes used to happen in Nepal.

According to The Kathmandu Post, Routine of Nepal banda is registered as an online media. It also has a subscription to the national news agency Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) for the latest news and updates.

Why Routine of Nepal Banda is Popular?

In general, the Routine of Nepal Banda posts is genuine and trustworthy. Moreover, their posts are more often be positive. They intentionally give priority to positive news so the audience could get a break from the gloom-ridden and negative news widely circulated at the front pages by the mainstream press on a regular basis.

Who is Admin of Routine of Nepal banda?

Lots of people Google “who is is the admin of Routine of Nepal banda”

Victor Paudel Admin of Routine of Nepal Banda

Victor Poudel is the admin of the popular page Routine of Nepal banda. He along with other admins has been running this page since 2011.

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