Top 10 reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups

Top 10 reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups

Menstrual cups have become the most popular alternative over tampons and sanitary napkins. If you are wondering whether to switch to cups or not, then here are the reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups.

Eco-friendly and sustainable feminine product menstrual cups are designed to collect blood during your period by inserting it inside the vagina. They are made of silicone or rubber and don’t absorb menstrual flow like sanitary napkins or tampons. However, they have proven very effective over tampons. So, here are the reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups

10 reasons to ditch tampons over menstrual cups:

1. Don’t interfere with vaginal flora

One of the reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups is they don’t interfere with vaginal flora. Like menstrual cups, tampons are also inserted inside the vagina. However, tampons absorb natural vaginal moisture besides blood, thus disturbing vaginal pH balance.

In the case of cups, they only hold the blood flow without interfering with the pH balance of the vagina.

2. Reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups: Less UTI infection

Menstrual hygiene is a serious concern as it plays a crucial role in women’s health. With the napkins and tampons, there are higher chances of getting urinary tract infection due to a higher risk of bacterial infection.

However, with menstrual cups, there is less risk of getting UIT. All you have to remember is sterilizing properly while using cups each time.

3.No discomfiting odor

One of the reasons to ditch tampons for a menstrual cup is you won’t have to think about unpleasant odors emanating out at inappropriate times. With tampons, the menstrual flow does not expose to air as it does with tampons and pads.

However, the flow can be exposed to air with sanitary napkins, which releases an unpleasant odor.

4. Easy to use

Anyone who is using tampons can easily use menstrual cups. Similarly, those using pads can also use cups by learning the right way to insert menstrual cups.

You won’t look back to tampons and pads when you start using menstrual cups. You won’t feel its presence if you have inserted it correctly.

5. Reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups: Eco-friendly

Unlike pads or tampons, you don’t have to worry about disposing of them. By switching to an eco-friendly product – menstrual cups there will be less waste in landfills which will need decades to dispose of.

6. Wallet-friendly

One of the advantages of menstrual cups is it helps to  saves monthly expenses on costly pads and tampons. Menstrual cups are a one-time investment. You may feel expensive while purchasing, but it is way cheaper than tampons in the long run.

wallet -friendly

7. Sound sleep

One of the reasons to ditch tampons and sanitary napkins for menstrual cups is to have a sound sleep without worrying about leakages at night. You have to wake up at midnight during heavy flow, which can be very annoying. But, menstrual cups can hold heavy flow, and you can sleep worry-free.

sound sleep - reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups

8. Reasons to ditch tampons for menstrual cups: Hold more blood

Another benefit of using menstrual cups over tampons and pads is holding heavy menstrual flow. According to some research, it can hold twice as much liquid as tampons and pads. So, you can be stress-free on days of heavy flow by switching to cups.

9. No rashes

Sanitary napkins are not only unhealthy but also create irritation and rashes. Similarly, artificial fragrances on tampons and napkins can cause skin allergies. But, menstrual cups have no such side effects.

10. It can provide safety for a longer time

With the tampons and napkins, you have to change frequently for 6-8 hours. However, the menstrual cups can hold flow for up to 12 hours. Therefore, they provide excellent protection at night and during prolonged travel.

These are the 10 reasons to ditch tampon and pads  for menstrual cup.

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