Real Story of Cartoonz Crew And Sabin Karki(Beest) Controversy

Sabin Karki and Saroj Adhikari

We are exposing real story of Cartoonz Crew and Sabin Karki(Beest) Controversy that happening from past few days. This topic is hot especially among youngsters and Nepali Facebook Meme Pages. Today NepaliTrends is digging down the root of the story about this hot controversy.


Some of the social media users used bad words to Sabin Karki ‘Beest’ after releasing interview of Cartoonz Crew. Cartoonz Crew had appeared in the interview with Utsav Rasaili in Ramailo Chha Channel on December 10. After so much of negative comments to Sabin and his brother, Sabin uploaded a video addressing the comments and the real story behind it. Now both (Sabin and Saroj) have apologized together in the same screen about the miss-conception and rumor.

Sabina Karki's post after final sort out video
Sabina Karki’s post after final sort out a video


Cartoonz Crew is one of the leading dance crew in Nepal. The current crew members are Saroj Adhikari(Team Leader), Ashma BK(One and only lady in crew), Bikash Rai, Lakpa D Lama, Subin Adhikari and Ram Gurung. Sabin Karki ‘Beest’ used to be the leader of the crew. The Cartoonz Crew came to light after cover song of Funtastic by Almoda Rana Upreti. This cover video has over 17M views as of now. After releasing this song the demand of the Cartoonz Crew raised. The fan following if the Cartoonz also increased.

They went to different dance shows even out of a valley. Cartoonz Crew also went to China for the World Leisure Games 2015 took place at Qingdao, China, where they got an opportunity to represent Nepal at the Street dance Competition. South Korea won the title and Nepal grabbed the second position followed by China in the third position. Everything was going right. Crew members were sharpening their skills and creativity. Suddenly, Sabin Karki started missing in the crew group.

Even 3/4 official dance released by the group in the absence of Sabin. Most viral songs like Nira Jahile RisauneMaya Maya, Nai Malai Tha Chaina, Calendar Song, Motorcycle Ma released without Sabin.

Why Sabin left the crew?

Sabin Karki was leading the crew. From managing shows to distributing the income, from editing the videos to the choreography of the dance steps. At the meantime, he had to prepare for his exam. While Sabin being focused in the study, other member had to do the dance by themselves. Slowly, Sabin handed over the responsibility to crew members and went to India for the Film Academy course. After completing his course he came back to Nepal and started making funny clips.

Recently Sabin danced in a video called Viral Bhaidiyo which has gone viral and got massive views of almost 6M views. 11 years old Diksha Thakuri is beautifully featured in this video. After few times of gap crew members and Sabin started to make video separately. They had some kinds of miss understanding among them. Cartoonz released 4/5 videos while Sabin continuously started making short funny videos.

What was actually in the Cartoonz Crew interview?

Fan followers of Cartoonz Crew were frequently asked about the absence of Sabin in Cartoonz Crew. The Cartoonz Crew appeared in the interview with Utsav Rasaili from Ramailo Chha Youtube channel. The intention of the interview was not actually to disclose demotivation, sadness about dance and Sabin’s leave. They just wanted to say that they are taking a break for some time to enhance their skills.

They even did not have a youtube channel to post the videos by the time Sabin left. Videos used to be posted from Sabin’s channel called Sabin Karki Beest. Because of the negative comments to Cartoonz Crew, they became little disappointed and demotivation about dance and income.

But the viewers and social media users made a big issue about this topic. Some social media users started to comment bad words for Sabin and even his family member. Sabin got shocked and even he did not know what’s going on. Finally, Sabin made a video about this topic explaining the clear story about why he left the crew. He even disclosed all the chat history and Youtube Adsense account.

Will Sabin Join Cartoonz Crew?

In his last video, Sabin had declared about not doing any commercial video in the upcoming day. He said that he will be making funny videos and only provide a platform for new dancers through his channel. On the other hand, crew members said that Sabin is already doing a great job from his side. Moreover, Cartoonz Crew is now capable enough to handle the projects. This all means Sabin Karki will continue doing his funny skits and dance from his own side. But for now, we can not guaranty about what happens tomorrow.

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