Rashik Aryal a California based Nepali Pop Singer

Rashik Aryal

Rashik Aryal is a pop singer originally from Nepal, currently living in Orange County, California. He has launched two solo albums: ‘Samaya’ in 2005 (Record label: Samjhana Audio Video/SAV) And ‘Rashik’ in 2008 (Record label: Samjhana Audio Video/SAV). The music video for ‘Samaya’ launched in 2005. The song got a lot of attention in the media, topping charts in the radio and TV. It also got nominated in the Hits FM Best Music Video awards category. The concept of the song/video was rather uncanny. It’s about two lovers living in two different time frames (past and present), whose relationship couldn’t ever come to fruition because they could never meet due to their time difference.

His second song/music video ‘Timi Suna’ released in 2008. This love song became an instant hit topping various charts on the radio and across TV channels throughout Nepal. Rashik has recently released a new song/music video ‘Yo Mann’. The song was written and composed by Rashik himself. The video was directed by Rajendra Thakurathi, director based in Los Angeles, California.

He has directed various short movies and music videos and was also a finalist director on Project Greenlight recently to direct Plain White T’s new music video. The music video also co-stars Natalia Berger, a successful actor who has appeared in over a dozen movies and appeared in various music videos including that of the artist, Ariana Grande.

Continuing his trend, the concept of the song/video is rather unique itself ‘Yo Mann’;(in Nepali) It literally means ‘This Heart/Mind’. It is about a young man expressing frustration over everyday things in life; however, he soon realizes that there’s no point in being frustrated all the time. He realizes that the ultimate cure to his frustration is to simply change his own perception and use his imagination to create happiness. He comes to the realization that “After all everything that’s ever happened in life has only happened in the mind”.

Rashik moved to the US from Nepal over fifteen years ago for college. Before that, he was in a rock band called Brothers in Arms. He started his solo career in 2004 once the band broke up. He attributes his success to his close friend/rapper Sammy Samrat from Rappaz Union, who encouraged him to continue music and helped him enter the mainstream media. Rashik has also collaborated a few songs with Rappaz Union(Sammy and Niranaya/NSK) and performed at various venues with them throughout the country.

He got into music when he was in the 4th grade at school playing violin for a few years and simultaneously picking up guitar and singing. All the songs in his albums were written and composed by Rashik himself. In a recent interview, when asked about his favorite band he said; “I draw inspiration from all sorts of music and bands..my music keeps evolving along with time…But if I were to pick one band of all the amazing bands out there then it had to be Guns N’ Roses. Back in the days when I went up the stage with my band, I used to dress like Axl Rose, and I ran around the stage like him haha…and I could probably sing every GN’R song even to this day..every song thoroughly memorized..it’s so entrenched in me.GN’R has had a huge influence on my musical career” Besides singing, Rashik works as a financial adviser and has over twelve years of experience working for a major brokerage company in the US. He completed his MBA in finance from the University of Dallas in 2011.

But despite his full-time career, he has continued to keep his musical spirit alive. He continues to play at various bars and musical venues over the years. Rashik plans on continuing to entertain the audience with his unique style of music. He already has a few new songs in the pipeline.

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