Rachana Rimal | Biography, Age, Education, Nepal Idol Season 3, Songs

NameRachana Rimal
Birth Date13 August 1998
Birth PlaceBhadrapur, Jhapa
Height5 ft 4 inch
AlmamaterPragyan Academy
AffiliationsNepal Idol Season 3
DebutRumala Chino
Popular songsTasbir dilaima, Photo firima , Chukchuk rela ko engine,Sunana Piyari
Rachana Rimal is one of the popular names in the Nepali music industry. Started off as a popular contestant in Nepal Idol Season 3, Rachana Rimal is now one of the most popular female vocals in the industry.


Rachana Rimal was born on 13 August 1998 in Bhadrapur, Jhapa. She is the second daughter to her father  Fadindra Rimal and mother Kamala Rimal. She has the eldest sister and youngest sister. She did her schooling at Pragyan Academy, Jhapa. She was interested in music from her childhood and singing was her passion. She received a harmonium as a prize in her school and she started learning to play the harmonium.

Rachana Rimal with her family.

Born in a middle-class family, Rachana had to work as a part-time Chatpat seller and people started to know her as Chatpat wali. But, lesser they know, that this girl had extraordinary talent in singing. Rachana wanted to prove herself as a singer and wanted to be known as a singer rather than Chatpat wali.


Nepal Idol Season 3: A stepping stone to the music industry

Rachana Rimal participated in Nepal Idol Season 3 and made it to the top 8. She was one of the most popular contestants in the show and was one of the highest voted contestants in the show. She was well known for her beautiful voice and her savage personality.


Rumala Chino: The debut

Rachana Rimal made her musical debut with the song Rumala Chino. Considering her popularity in Nepal Idol, she released the song while she was in the show. The song and the voice of Rachana were well acclaimed by the public.

Other songs : Tasbir Dilaima, Photo firima, Chukchuk rela ko engine

Rachana then released songs like Tasbir dilaima, Photo firima , Chukchuk rela ko engine,Sunana Piyari,Unko pirati and so on . Rachana became one of the popular female vocals in the Nepali music industry. The songs were publically acclaimed and people were addicted and mesmerized by her vocals.


Rachana Rimal was one of the popular contestants in Nepal Idol Season 3. She was the highest voted contestant three times in a row. Best known for her beautiful soulful voice and cheerful personality, Rachana established herself as popular female vocals in the industry. Rachana went on to establish her image as a potential and rising star in the music industry. She also received the Best new female singer award from National Entertainment awards for her song Photo Pirima.

Rachana Rimal receiving the Best new artist female award from National Entertainment Awards.

Rachana Rimal is also known as a savage queen due to her straightforward attitude and fun personality. She is well known for her good sense of humour and her statements become the meme.


  • She used to sell chatpate in her town and was known as Chatpat wali.
  • She was the highest voted contestants three times in the row in Nepal Idol Season 3.
  • She is a savage queen and has a dorky personality.
  • She debuted while she was a contestant in the Nepal Idol Season 3.
  • She received the award for her song Photo pirimma from the National Entertainment Awards.



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