The Real Meaning Behind Couple Saying We Are Pregnant.

Recently, Priyanka Karki and Ayushman Desraj Joshi publicly announced that they are pregnant and are expecting a baby. Priyanka Karki shared a photo on her Instagram with the caption that says ‘ You can stop asking now. Yes, We are pregnant.

With the statement, We are pregnant, the comments filled up mocking the statement and people started to make trolls out of it. While the statement feels odd but it has a deeper meaning behind it.

A woman has to go through series of physical and mental changes during the pregnancy. She has to carry the baby in the womb for 9 months, deliver the baby with the pain that equals the breaking of the 20 bones, and breastfeed the child after childbirth. A woman has to bear so many responsibilities during pregnancy. Society has set up the mindset among us that women are pregnant and woman is solely responsible for the childbirth. The only role that a man plays in a child’s birth is to plant a seed, that’s it.

But things have changed now, bearing a child is not just a woman’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of both. You do not automatically just become a father, you have to be the father.

Pregnancy is not just carrying the baby in the womb for 9 months. It involves many things: Hormonal havoc. Physical changes. Psychological changes. A flow of emotions. Nesting. Reading. Worry. Money issues. All of these are part of pregnancy.

Things like body changes and hormones are experienced by the mother only. But all the psychological, emotional, and social changes happen to both parents. As much as mothers, fathers do go through mental responsibility and maturity during the pregnancy.

The couple stating we are pregnant means that they are together for this. They believe that pregnancy is not just a woman’s responsibility but both. Instead of just sitting back and occasionally helping his wife by opening doors, or rubbing her shoulders, this emphasizes that he’s a part of the process. Being pregnant is something that both of them are going through.

While most people still criticize the statement, the statement has a deeper meaning behind breaking the stereotype that women are solely responsible for childbirth.


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